Fundraising – HHGB Foundation engages and works with other Non-profit organizations that have the goal of procuring and raising funds for causes in need and charities that are related to the fields of music, mentoring, and education.


Awareness – HHGB Foundation provides a measureable level of awareness in regards to the positive aspects charitable actions – past, present and future enacted by the members of the Hip-Hop community.  This community is made up of person(s) or entities that are in some way related to Hip-Hop as a culture, profession, learning or entertainment entity. This awareness will be provided via various tools, including the Hip Hop Gives back.org and Hip Hop Gives Back.com websites, and other various forms of media.  HHGB Foundation also implements programs that creates an awareness of self-pride, social issues, and the impact of what it is to be an active citizen within local communities.


Mentorship – HHGB Foundation provides weekly and quarterly mentoring sessions including but not limited to, one-on-one, group sessions and presentations that will help youth deal with issues including Knowledge of self, Procrastination Proof, Goal setting, pursuing and accomplishing, self-doubt, Legacy Building and more.


Education – HHGB Foundations implements programs that educate youth and adults of the learnable and teachable, which have a connection to the Hip-Hop culture in some kind of way. HHGB Foundation uses these traits to increase knowledge and use as a motivational tool to improve the person(s) skills and abilities to improve their life and the lives of others. These actions will be carried out thru resources via referral, partnering with individuals, businesses and other non-profit entities.  In addition HHGB Foundation takes part in seminars, informative lessons and presentations on an individual case basis that will inform of Hip-Hop culture, community outreach and support to uplift, inspire and educate participants of events.

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