“It’s Up to You” An HHGB & BRC Partnership

“Its Up To You”
This HHGB & BRC partnership will build upon the mentoring and career building program currently being utilized by the BRC foundation.  HGB will be working to enhance and increase positive impact of careers in entertainment program.
– We will team with BRC Foundation to hold monthly learning sessions for all the career in the entertainment business and related fields.
– Monthly Saturday sessions will be 1 hour to 2 hours in duration
– Will have 1 to 2 speakers at the monthly session that will describe to the young people of 10-20 what they do as a career.
– Speakers will speak for approx 15-20 mins followed by up to 15 minute Q&A segment with audience.
– Remainder of time, HHGB will lead audience members in career, personal, wealth building exercises tht will increase the participants knowledge and ability to further research and build upon learning more about their fields of interest on their on.
– After 1st learning session, assignment will be assigned to participants to complete for next monthly session.
– Participants will have access to learning session leaders (HHGB &BRC) via email/phone between sessions.
– Speakers will derived from careers such as:
Video Directors
Sound Board Engineers
Visual & Graphic Artists
PR relations
Personal Management
Concert & Event Promoters
Branding Specialist/Strategist
& more

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