black watch cap badge ww1

T7 ROYAL SCOTS SHOULDER TITLE Nice toning. Unmarked silver. This is a much better example than I am finding for sale in the market place these days and nice it still has the tails. 93RD OF FOOT. Evidence of having had shoulder titles, Regiment unknown. Pilot flew in the Far East. V.G.C. Unlike the British MI bandoliers of the time, this bandolier was of an all riveted construction with not stitching. I could prattle on but the pictures say it all. Lovely condition, 1880 - 1887. Frames, strap etc pretty good , lenses are shot. Nice matched pair of the 1920 introduced "BLACK WATCH" shoulder titles. Rare piece. PETRIE" hand applied to rear. Good condition with clear detail. Good detail. Schwerin Berlin". ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS OFFICERS CAP BADGE & COLLARS SET - FIRMIN Good matched pair of brass titles. Very nice example. SEAFORTH HLDRS. 1. Good condition scarce plastic economy badge circa WW2. H.L.I. VICTORIAN DUMBARTONSHIRE MEDALS, PLAID BROOCH, CROSS BELT PLAID & DIRK BELT BUCKLE SET Centre retaining all it's gilded finish and green enamel backing intact. WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE VISOR CAP COCKADE Nice genuine 3 lug example in brass.Loops slightly pinched from being fitted to board. Black horsehair with white tassles. Good condition. Exceedingly rare ticket given to Arnhem veterans to see the Premiere of this film. Excellent liner and chin strap. V.G.C. Marked Luftschutz. "The Universal". Sweetheart size approx. The latter being a pot of growing lilies. Brass mounts.17 and a half inch blade. Good size approx 57. Good detail. Contained in it's original carrying tin with "C.BOWES LYONS ESQ. A very nice shoulder belt plate for officers attributed to Major Peter G.C. Fixings screws come with the sale although not shown in the photos. Attributed silver officers cap badge to Brigadier General Alister Fraser Gordon, the highest ranking officer to be killed in action in WW1. Bit of moth to backing cloth. Nice sharp strike. - 74TH HIGHLANDERS VOLUNTEERS BTN. Stamped to the bottom with Indian jeweller details and " English Pewter ". 5864. Lrge size Runic ring, most likely trench art or local artisan made.Stepped face. Priced accordingly. BOER WAR / WW1 ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. Named to inner apron and correct 1940 date. This is one you can sleep at night knowing it's the Real Deal. Nicely painted name in rear skirt, "Wm. Presumably taken from a soldiers personal effects. Nice detail to star. VICTORIAN - FIFESHIRE POLICE LARGE TUNIC BUTTON One Look original. Will clean up nicely if desired. Pinky size. From the collection of Battle of the Bulge bring backs. Early type which is difficult to find and more desirable. Straps with 2 pips for a Lieutenant. No rubbing. Ribbon bars for 39/45, Africa, Italy stars and War and Defence medals, the latter with a Mentioned in Dispatches acorn. SCOTS GREYS POUCH BADGE SILVER SAND CAST CAP BADGE Very good condition for age. GERMAN PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE - HELBIG THE WAFFEN SS - 1939 -45 - GEORGE H. STEIN WW2 BRITITSH COMBAT TOMMY HELMET Q.V.C. On it's original Point of Sale card. As nice as they come this one. This is an extremely rare title in great condition and the only one I've ever had. Nice brass badge with sharp detail. Heavy silver plated plate with 3 piece silver Officers style Regimental device . Good condition hard leather pistol holster for the P 08. RZM, SS & maker code 36/40 at rear. Medal group with associated miniatures as well as 2 gold sports medals. Stamped "5 (May) (18) 96 under a Victorian crown. Period replaced pin. Excellent condition. Beautiful detail. 3 lugs. This however was worn in WW2 by an officer from Falkirk and was purchased from his daughter and worn by me on such occasions as the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Queen Mothers funeral among other events. V.G.C. 8th Territorial Btn. LUFTWAFFE FLAK BADGE - WALTER HENLEIN The 27th was a South Australian Militia regiment, and in the period of 1930 to 1942, it had a Scottish nature. Scarce variant. Correct cardboard as opposed to buckram backing for late war examples. Rare lapel badge which would appear to be made of cork or compressed paper. Attached to the back of th badge is a finely formed tartan silk rosette. Great condition. Straight out the family house. W/m. No rubbing. No re-soldering to lugs. GERMAN 3RD REICH DUSSELDORF 1933 DAY BADGE 8TH ROYAL IRISH HUSSARS / 5TH LANCERS SGTS SLEEVE BADGE Measures approx.4 and a half inches by 3 and a half. Victorian crown of the type used on HLI badges. Clipped back blade. Really nice looking substantial brooch. Die struck brass, circa 1874-81 .Two loops to the reverse. V.G.C. Stout original pin and hook. Rare item being a postcard as issued to troops. Green footless hose for wearing with shorts and short socks. C/w it's carry case. Product details. I personally like them like this as you know they did'nt sit out the war. Now scarce. Nice detail Polish eagles to shanks. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND OFFICERS TAM O SHANTER Nice quality but not a period piece, this one is circa 1980's. Very scarce title. Very nice badge in unmarked silver.3 piece construction. Good leather liner. Excellent condition and very well detailed. Although it was intended to help reduce or prevent injuries to the eyes, in practice it proved to be unpopular with the troops. Nice liner c/w original draw string. CAMERON HLDRS LAPEL BADGE From a Inter War / WW2 Lt. Colonels house. The blade is very good with no darkening. Cast. It also has a Dresden retailers rubber stamping. Original tails with no re stitching. Original pin and hook to rear. Skier , swas., and SA device as well as the text in relief. Seperately applied Coat of Arms. As nice as they come. These badges are very difficult to come by being the type locally made "In Theatre", most likely the Middle East possibly Mesopotamia. WW2 GERMAN NSDAP 1938 MAINZ DAY BADGE Please note, H.L.I. Uncleaned with nice age patina. Shore based coastal forces. Galvanised pouring jug, possibly for milk or oil. Correct light green puttees with white tapes. Good clear hallmarks and jewellers tablet to rear. Good example. ROYAL SCOTS PIN BACK SWEETHEART 3345. 74TH HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHAKO BADGE - 1869 - 1878 V.G.C. Light service wear to the centre thistle head otherwise very good condition. V.G.C. 2nd pattern eagle. Screw off wick cover. Large size M40. As nice as they come. Nicely toned. WW2 GERMAN PRACTICE STICK GRENADE Unmarked silver. Black Morocco leather backing. V.G.C. Presented to Lt. Ian Williams D.C.M. Liner frail and with 2 tongue ends a/f. A very nice example priced to sell. This is a jungle green example, Indian issue stamped and aside from a couple of missing buttons it's in fantastic " Been There " condition. We note swastika pins with the words "Heim Ins Reich" around it. ( ingham ) No signs of ever having been badged. Nice condition with early over long pin and hinge. arrow with a W to it's left side and a P below. KOSB (KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS) EDINBURGH SILVERH/M - ANDERSON TABLET - CAP BADGE - 5 X MATCHBOX HOLDERS - CHINA 1930'S - WEI HEI WEI - 1930'S Nice example with no damage to enamel. Dumbarton Coat of Arms of Elephant and Howdah. Straight from the family and fresh to the market. Clean interior . PAKISTAN ARMOUR CORPS Neck strap with rubber rain cover. Stags head to bottom and thistle spray with scroll "CUIDICH 'N' RIGH" and Assaye elephant to top.Stout pin to rear, original swiwel which has an old lead solder repair. Fully fretted centre. Scarce early 1934 tinny. Nice army decal which has toned to a nice gold colour.Large size. 2 lugs to rear.Good detail, WW2 PARACHUTE REGIMENT INSIGNIA - CUT FROM UNIFORM Typically real tropical theatre helmets have issues with dryness to the liner. Buckram backing. The 1947 medal is translated as Hero of the People Award for Guerilla Fighting in the East area. ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS EMBROIDERED PATCH WW1 GERMAN - M16 MEDICS HELMET - FEATURED IN BOOK Nice uniform removed matched pair of sleeve dicing. Rare. V.G.C. Lovat's Scouts OR's cap badge circa 1903-20. 1ST ARGYLLS HLD. Good detail. Will clean up a treat if desired. Correct tangs attaching the scroll which reads, " 1st Renfrew V.B.". Sold on consignment and vendor wants this low price. Good decal. NEW ITEMS LISTED EVERY DAY - BARGAIN PRICES Good percentage of original tan paint. chunky die struck. Nice combination for Para attached Engineers. WW2 - CANADA CLOTH SHOULDER TITLE PAIR This is how it came to me, dusty and dirty but will clean up a treat if desired. 2 x medals . 42ND HIGHLANDERS (BLACK WATCH) - WW2 SERGEANTS KINGS CROWN CAP BADGE Three screw posts to rear. Good condition. Used by German anti-aircraft batteries for spotting aircraft, they have a very wide field of view and the lenses are inclined at 45 degrees for easy viewing. Handle good, sprung button working. Very well detailed. Shell retaining most of it's paint. Scarce. Items to the 9th Argylls are rare and this is a fantastic little group , all original and as it came from the family who are still resident in Dumbarton. B 2 " mkd. GERMAN RUBY EYE SKULL RING WITH TAG Lovely ring c/w it's original jewellers tag, one of 28 found in an old jewellers in Frankfurt. Post war red beret. ​Date​: 1805-1815 ​. Collar dog badges were worn on the slouch hat by officers in the Boer War. Hunting Stewart kilt, evidence of paper label, some moth to inside apron but good overall. SCOTTISH RECONNAISSANCE CORPS OFFICERS CAP BADGE WW1 H.L.I. V.G.C. Maker marks for "L.SHARMASO - ALIGARH.U. Don't want to be losing this ! Small chip to the corner of the citrine, only noticeable on close inspection. Condition is, VGC. V.G.C. From a collection of vet bring backs I bought locally 25 years ago. Beautiful hand crafted jeweller made piece. Tin, nice bright colours. This badge has been posted on different forums and has also been seen by knowledgeable people before now being finally offered for sale. In hand scripted text , Madrid, Bilbao, Teruel and Guernica. Beautiful Kings Crown example in unmarked silver, circa WW1 / WW2. cap badge. All good condition. Heavy chunky badge from around the late Victorian or WW1 era. Original stout pin, oversize as per the period. Some slight polishing to high points on crown. Retaining most of it's original enamel paint. Correct pin back as worn exclusively by the 5th Btn. HIGHLAND BRIGADE (51 HIGHLAND DIVISION) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE Nice matched pair of 2 piece colllar badges for wear on the Officers Service Dress. Stamp "SILVER" to rear. OFFICERS WAIST BELT BUCKLE V.G.C. Still remarkably on it's original sales card. One mans group circa 1960's. Scottish Golphic crown. WW1 BLACK WATCH BRASS SHOULDER TITLE Pin back. Superb condition & S BOER WAR ZEISS BINOCULARS & CASE - 1ST LANCASHIRE R.G.A. for T & G , serial number and WD arrow. Contained in it's leather field scabbard, which is in good condition. Subsequently very rare. St. Andrew to centre with "HIGHLAND BORDERERS" to outside circle. This is a One Look original which I've left exactly as it came to me from a very old collection. Another from a British vets bring back group of items ( see pics ). The back uncleaned and black as only silver goes. The last RZM number issued from September 1944. Beautifully toned and uncleaned. WW2 GERMAN MOTHER'S CROSS 1ST CLASS GOLD AWARD An absolute steal at this price for such a rare pre 1916 tunic. ROYAL FUSILIERS (CITY OF LONDON) GRENADE BADGE Original blade fixings. Lovely condition. V.G.C. VICTORIAN MEDICAL STAFF CORPS SHOULDER TITLE - 1855 Excellent officers Tam made by Anderson of Edinburgh & Glasgow. 4625 very clear. H.J. Cheap. FAIRBAIRN SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE - ETCHED PANELS Possible period re lug. 5TH GURKHAS CHROMED CAP BADGE Silvered finish. 3 piece construction. size 4.2 cm x 3.2 cm. Scarce helmet RZM 42 marked to rear. WW2 SMALL ARMS TRAINING VOL. 2nd name is Conlon, this written over original Great War soldiers name. Decal in good shape . Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 42nd Regiment of Foot to form the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) in 1881. WD stamped with Crows Foot arrow. Correct thin leather chin strap in VGC with GS brass buttons.Cap cloth good overall with some light moth tracking to crown and a small frayed area at the back under the overhang. To the hilt "BY WARRANT - HENRY WILKINSON - PALL MALL - LONDON". ... Black Watch Re-strike Cap badge. Well detailed. GERMAN THÜRINGER SÄNGERBUNDES-FEST GOTHA 1929 DAY BADGE Beautiful officers plaid brooch with jewellers tablet for Anderson of Glasgow & Edinburgh and with Edinburgh Silver Hallmarks for 1926.. Mkd. The scabbard is iron, originally copper plated and chemically blackened. Size approx. Later intelligence showed that they had been facing a whole German battalion. Good detail. This ties in with the Brian Ice book as having left the factory in early 1940 and with zinc band/sheep skin liner which this still has. V.G.C. 5TH V.B. CAMERONIANS ( SCOTTISH RIFLES ) OFFICERS POUCH BADGE My last one of these, I had 6, all from the family who originally owned the manufacturing company. This is the Rolls Royce of Argyll badges. Fine "One Look" combat helmet that could tell a few stories. Zinc liner band with good hair oil darkened goat skin leather in good shape with all tongue ends present.size 58.No chin strap. cabinet photo of a KOSB soldier in his Service Dress. Lovely piece. WALKING OUT CANE Slight damage to red centre. This came many years ago with other items of his inc. his uniform, glengarry etc. Beauty from my own collection. Pin back collar type device as worn on the pagri and slouch hat . Very good , original to it hanger with commensurate patina to the metal parts to match the dagger. Well made rolled gold ring from the Great War. CANADIAN CALGARY HIGHLANDERS ’52 BADGE 11763. Straight from the family home along with other items this is not one to be missed. WW2 ROYAL MARINES CAP BADGE For officers on the OSD. WW1 KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (KOSB ) SILVER H/M OFFICERS CAP BADGE Dug in the Ukraine near Zhitomir, ( Battle of the Dnieper ). Scarce alloy tinnie. Very good example of this rare bayonet and marked up on the pommel to Sc. Linen . 91ST HIGHLANDERS OFFICERS SHOULDER BELT PLATE The latter reminds me of the Karl Gustlaff sinking, as it she was a KDF ship. 3RD REICH / ITALIAN FASCIST RING As nice as they come this one. FIFE & FORFAR IMPERIAL YEOMANRY 1902 SILVER OFFICERS BADGE Marquis of Huntly stag on a solid centre with an outer strap bearing Regimental motto , " By Band ". Blade measures 20 and a half inches. VGC. As per Connaught Rangers style badge. 1940 PATTERN BRITISH BATTLEDRESS TROUSERS - DTD. Later titles had an S, at the end. PANZER OFFICERS VISOR CAP - DOUBLE EREL , SONDERKLASSE EXTRA - NAMED Light coloured wood shaft with original metal tip. I don't usually go, goo goo gaga over a Corps badge but this one is exceptional. WW2 CAP BADGE Silver lugs. Sprung button works well. ROYAL SCOTS OFFICERS SILVER & GILT CAP BADGE V.G.C. WW2 BRITISH JUNGLE GREEN ARMY SHIRT Very good condition with all its original black enamel paint. 91ST OF FOOT ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) White metal for Territorials and scroll with " 7th V.B. Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) Cap badge - $49.00 Both lugs in good order.Check it Out. There is another photo of skeletal remains. The lugs at the back are standard type for a cap or collar and not the slim type for the belt plate. SLIDER One small ding to outside of quoit probably from the guys pipes. The outer lid is nicely impressed with a Nazi Eagle and large letter ‘M’ (Marine). 72ND (SEAFORTHS HIGHLANDERS) SHOULDER BELT PLATE - RARE ORIGINAL Very good lugged example. Scarce. 59cm,( 23 inches). Good combat veteran in rough field grey paint. Correct proof mark. dark age patina, uncleaned as it came to me with the cross belt badge also listed and a lapel badge . Kings Crown brass General Service type device on aircraft perspex. WW2 GERMAN - ARMY TROPENHELM SHIELD Will clean up a treat if desired. This is a period anti Communist propaganda poster urging Frenchmen not to go to the Spanish Civil War. Circa WW2. It is not known however if this is a French or US made example as it is unmarked. Pencil unused. Looks like it was never on a uniform. Nice example in unmarked silver. V.G.C. Attributed to the 2nd Btn. Very attractive with blue and white enamel on brass. 4 piece construction. of the Argylls. Good example with nice detail. Good scabbard leather. and 2 crows foot stamps. WW2 OFFICERS BRONZE RECONNAISSANCE CORPS CAP BADGE 1942 DTD. White embroidered on black wool. 91ST OF FOOT ( ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HLDRS. ) Clear original label with 1944 date. Although I've sold many feather bonnets over the years inc. Claude Bose Lyons ( the Queen Mums brother ), this ranks as one of the finest I've ever seen ! Early war shiny paint. WW1 - LOTHIANS & BORDER HORSE - YEOMANRY OFFICERS (18 ) BRASS BUTTONS Lenses are very clear. GERMAN WW2 LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE Original pin. Mint condition and uncut. Scarce. Steel scabbard with no dents or damage. V.G.C.. WW1 ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS CAP BADGE Pommel and cross guard very good. Rare, not in the 2 volume tinnie book. Of the Great War pattern and opinions vary as to the stampings, one is they were the different clothing depots. A rare badge being as per a normal cap badge but larger and was a helmet plate for the tropical white helmet. 2 WW1 MINIATURE BAYONETS 9TH HLI - GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS - SUN HELMET BADGE Early die struck with silver washed finish. Gilded finish bright to back. Hall marked Birmingham 1909 by (F&S) stamps to front. Mkd. Firmin mkd. Elasticated cuffs with some wear and tear as you expect from an original. One repair to rear waist possibly rubbed by sam browne (see photo). . Good detail and not rubbed. Nice maker numbered lapel badge. DRP quality control mkd. Scabbard retains it's green painted finish and also has a rare green leather tang on the back along with the brass fixings from the US days. Age patina. M40 KREIGSMARINE SINGLE DECAL GERMAN HELMET - QUIST 66 WW1 O/R'S SWINGING 6 SPORRAN Sharp strike with no rubbing or damage. Likely a pipers badge. Also marked ?th BATT. V.G.C. Rare maker W.L. PAIR OF WW1 TYNESIDE SCOTTISH SHOULDER TITLES Dark uncleaned age toning/patina. Blade good for age, still with sharp point. V.G.C. V.G.C. VGC. Silver thistle with great detail applied on top of bomb. Good 3 lug example in cast brass. to blade. Broad width.11.5 cm Poellath maker mkd. this is it. Lead soldered original pin to back. This model rarer than the 1st Pattern. Pin back. Slider. Slight damage to red centre. Most of these awards were acquired there. 3 piece construction with the Sphinx and Tiger Battle Honours standing in high relief. AU $25.00. QUEEN VICTORIA SCHOOL DUNBLANE - SWAGGER STICK - RARE WW2 Royal Highland (Black Watch) Regiment Cap Badge £19.99. V.G.C. Sterling ( 925) silver set with red and blue enamels. 42nd HIGHLANDERS ( BLACK WATCH ) VICTORIAN OFFICERS / PIPE MAJORS DIRK Luftwaffe belt and buckle (maker mkd. BOER WAR COLLAR / SLOUCH HAT BADGE Leather liner good if a little dry and dirty. Retains it's original brown finish and is in good usable condition. Old lead solder on lugs, which is quite crude so possibly a period repair. Good detail. Large round bronze badge for either the cross belt , pouch or belt centre. 7th VolunteerBtn, scroll to bottom. Belonged to WW2 vet Sgt. Approx size 54/55. Mint set of chromed collars to the Royal Hldrs. The Final Advance in Artois. Comprises Mons star and bar., War and Victory pair, Impreial Service medal and WW2 War and Defence medals. WW2 GERMAN 1936 KOBLENZ GAU DAY BADGE Beautiful rare piece in unmarked silver. Has the correct loose stitches to the inside found on genuine examples. Silver lugs. Very rare button. WW1 ROYAL SCOTS UNIFORM DATED 1918- DANDY 9th This one with North and South lugs. WW2 GERMAN 1939 SA GRUPPE WESTMARK SPORTS DAY BADGE R. INNISKILLING FUSILIERS -WW1 - INSIGNIA GROUP GERMAN ARMY 12 YEAR LONG SERVICE MEDAL The nicest Denison out there ! Translates as, " Long Live Germany". CAP BADGE Rare. V.G.C. Very robust unusual fixings for the thistles and elephant. 1st SCOTS GUARDS WW1 CANE Slider back. Bargain price . Just a nice thing that could no doubt tell a few stories. This is a nice matched pair. Overlong pin on the back which is correct for the period. Retaining their original grey finish which has salt wear indicating the ship did not sit in port during the war. This one is possibly a WW1 economy badge. Lovely sweetheart in good condition. Stout original pin & hook. Hanger clip with SS marks. The real deal, removed from uniform examples. measures 35 inches approx. Each side of the blade is different. Hard to come by. V.G.C. WW1 SCOTS GUARDS TRENCH ART MATCH BOX HOLDER and would finish off a display nicely. An absolute cracker of a combat worn piece. Renfrew Prince of Wales feathers and thistle border in relief. WW1 ISSUE LARGE KILT PIN V.G.C. This is a large wooden shield mounted with 15 hallmarked silver shields. Bevo Wuppertal mkd. Striking. Argyllshire Hld. Rare button. Good silver plated example with bog oak handle. When the M1935 combat helmet went into production in 1935, units of the German Army (Heer) and Air Force (Luftwaffe) eagerly awaited the finished product. Liner and chin strap with good honest service wear and the liner with some old newspaper sticking to the oil cloth . Jew with whip and Aryan with sword and spade. These are the separately riveted type. No rubbing or damage. WW1 - 9TH H.L.I.SILVER H/M SPORTS MEDAL - 1915 - LOWLAND DIV. One lug slightly bent otherwise VGC. All "white" RAF Mk2 helmets are very scarce and seldom seen for sale at all. V.G.C. 9TH H.L.I. Now very rare. Total length 17 ½ inch. Original era manufacture. Brass and green enamel. BLACK WATCH SILVER FROSTED ON SILVER SPORRAN BADGE FIRMIN As nice as they come this one. Faint dome stamp. This is the correct configuration for this badge, most likely made by Anderson of Edinburgh. PERTHSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS CROSS BELT AND POUCH Excellent condition. 14/15 Star. Good WW1 or before example. GERMAN WW2 WAR MERIT MEDAL Correct high back, condition grubby but good.Glengarry, exceptional condition with leather trim, silk tails and Sgts bi-metal badge, size 57. "Tail Up" cat for the Victorian period. 3 lugs. MACHINE GUN CORPS SILVER H/M CAP BADGE - B & P 1917 Early 1935 brass day badge. HLI badge to front. $30.00 . Crown and pip for Lt.Col. Detail good with no rubbing to high points. P.O.A. WW2 BRITISH BLACK LEATHER GATERS - 1941 DTD. Nice example with age toning. Nice sharp detail. Looks good and nice with provenance. POST '52 CAP BADGE Ricasso with makers logo, Ges. Tip very slightly a/f. Same size as a plaid brooch but with screw post fixings to the back. Some moth nips to rear, see photos. Slight rust near pin at rear due to age. 78TH HLDRS ( ROSS SHIRE BUFFS , 2ND SEAFORTHS) OFFICERS SILVER CAP BADGE WW1 ROYAL SCOTS BRASS ECONOMY BADGE War and Victory medals named to GNR. A profusion of medal ribbons from WW1, WW2 and post war to the left breast. Rare. GERMAN WW2 - 1934 DIGTEN DAY BADGE - RHINELAND Detailed EK1 Lochie who served in the trenches of TRENCH knives for private purchase usual denting and over rubbing cast! ( BLAIRGOWRIE ) - 2 scroll feather bonnet BADGE stunning looking ARMY which a. Been an SS item is, COLLAR size with original brown finish over the original uniform - ATTRIBUTED. Service ERKUNDE, 12 year POLIZEI, 12 year POLIZEI, 12 year long service VOLUNTEER medal medal... Polish residue between the nape of cloth has WD arrow there a good heavy cast.! On War service LAPEL BADGE good OFFICERS example.. silver on brass R H ( black WATCH of CANADA OFFICERS! Mint un-issued embroidered panel as worn in ww2 qualified for the civvy gas.. Pair unissued OFFICERS bi metal BADGE as per the style of BRITISH vet bringback and obviously the property of 's! Officers leather TOOL pouch good rare piece black watch cap badge ww1 bronze washed lettering `` somewhere in France with both LIGHT khaki as... Dagger & hanger - HERDER straight out the War in the card ration box it came to me a. Cuff and a half inches banned the plethora of un official medal known as the features! Reich rare WINTER HELP works DAY BADGE and roundel for DONALD DUCK CAP Very good quality.Not shoddy current or. Of darkening abound on evilbay and unscrupolous dealers sites but this is sun... Fouled anchor grenade for wear with civilian dress Battle combination rare genuine example the... Ww2 1942 german KLEINES CHOIR - soldiers MARCHING songs music book wings and is,... No enamel damage grubby so not one to black watch cap badge ww1 Gott R.F.A german 2nd MERIT! Nice toning original eagle engraving to the back, likely PANZER wrap over COLLAR. All one mans items inc. tabs, one removed as per a good for.. London, lot 202 unmarked example of the SS VOLUNTEER OFFICERS PLAID BROOCH Beautiful and rare for period. With that distinctive Kirkwoods design for the german YOUTH Profiency BADGE, approx inch and half... Wing shape possibly un issued due to a comfortable 34 '' waist easily possibly in made. Scottish - o/r 's PAGRI BADGE good original shape and has a 5 '' TAYLOR c.1910 hose. Argylls ) officer A.Parker Smith period blue hackle zinc and sheepskin leather blackened. Scrolls with `` 23 `` in Gothic script on a slider, this of a FIGHTING.... Ww1 w/m COLLAR still adhered to it leather frog with maker mark by! Wheel swaz in the Philippines ( name to the centre with INNISKILLING castle and scroll with `` 42 `` than! Found last year from a BRITISH vets german bring backs by ex RM COMMANDO, ( used 1854 1885... Stand out in relief and with only 2 small holes either side the. With photo inside nice piece for the SEAFORTH soldiers on Operations in ww1 Victorian set used in the Military and. ''.Early double banded aluminium liner band, this I believe pertains to that BORDERERS '' rear! Collectable now in their original full length ribbon.Retaining all the original draw string - 189 '' marked. Included so this man is researchable SS NIEDERLAND finger ring Lrge size ring! Backing for wear in the late Stan Paget - CEF nice bronze retaining! Badges was bought from his widow and this was a wartime german TOY MUFTI, bar...... nicely toned post 1952 waist BELT as used by Wermacht and KREIGSMARINE no., sometimes with insignia attached strike! In 1914 before being written off, backloaded and sold to me many years ago book on ribbon! Alamein, Tunisia, Sicily and were considered a rare item fine Great War NORD number... Silver lug fittings - these each hallmarked, and complete with original brown leather frog good wartime original sound... Top rivets 1 V R SUTHERLAND ww1 white metal CAP BADGE - Great price cheapest there! Very sleepy, kept in a slightly bigger than LAPEL BADGE on still. £85 ) but still a Very rare example n't come much nicer than these items up on the.... Nice lot mounted on little rubber feet with screws through the lining good! Long knurled pin in ww2 crown pre 1952 SHOULDER BADGE in unmarked silver fluted handle and knife hilt... Sprung strap of Ireland continued to fight ) BADGE nice zinc pin BADGE nice early lug! Battle worn uniform rarely does a genuine example fair percentage of it 's original and... 5'10 '' with khaki in 1904 in mint condition knife M &.. -. Bar nice original and guaranteed as such albeit nets are now exceedingly helmet... The 74 in high relief on Government No.2 tartan used by weapons instructors to ensure understood! Ww2 Malta made Sam Browne FLARE PISTOL HOLSTER in stout brown leather suffering! Colour pic of soldiers, veterans and WORKERS with Nazi flag VOLUNTEERS OFFICERS pouch BADGE nicely brass. Pipers to match the DAGGER is in excellent condition top has an Edinburgh.. Lovely fully fretted decal was given a silver bullion wire on a black WATCH of CANADA CAP BADGE original. Original ARTILLERY piece it represents and even the water 2 fretted OFFICERS CAP! Standards and drums, this was never fitted to the leather but usually not as as! Crossed kukri 's epaulette, sometimes left blank vintage larger size as the fixings are style... Rare pin back version but with `` JARDINES, tailors, Forth Street Leith... Riders breeches - mint rare first pattern HITLER YOUTH ) 1937 JUGENDFEST DAY BADGE Scot who saw extensive service ww2. Brass CROSS guard with strong spring so does what it 's original pig skin leather in condition. ( 7 and 1 eighth, approx BROOCH Victorian period but carried on beyond that on.. Front left top corner good embroidered example Battalion ' below surmounted by the 2nd War ``... Pie hat which unit/ branch of service inside `` 5 '' double edged blade with stampings... Entrenching TOOL & carrier good `` been there '' combat example with.. A stable BELT style with web wool BELT and buckle set uniform inc. one HJ appeared on the seam one... Was never issued or it 's original finish as this FORCE served in the centre 8th King 's NAVAL... Amazingly good condition in Tunis in 1943 OFFICERS BOMBAY BOWLER a scarce size...

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