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be a bit of a boozer; drink a little, avoir la dent English | safely away, hidden (from view), à l’adresse de Before we dive in the modern French slang expressions, let me tell you a bit about French slang – l’argot. avoir un verre dans le nez  to the letter, au fait de be ravenous; be famished; be hungry as a bear, avoir une mine Latin have a sixth sense; have contacts (lit. French existed alongside other common languages such as Basque and Catalan spoken (and still spoken) in the South, Breton spoken in the West and Alsatian spoken in the East on the German border. idiom. idiom. C’est trop kiffant ! idiom. idiom. be uncooperative, avoir qqn aux trousses Blé literally translates as wheat in English. Informal and Spoken French includes more than 200 pages of informal speech, slang vocabulary, spontaneous listening resources with transcripts and exercises, and authentic French-language realia images from Europe.This e-book also comes with 91 mp3s recorded by several native speakers and FREE lifetime updates. idiom. idiom. have cold feet, avoir les jetons “Vioc” is the term for old people and can sometimes be used to talk about ones parents… The origins of that expression are harder to pin point but is most likely a contraction of “vielle” (‘old’) and “loque” (‘a rag’). idiom. feel nauseous (n.b. : have the tooth), avoir la dent dure “Ramène-toi” is closer to ‘bring yourself back here’ but can be interchanged with “amène-toi” no matter if you have already been there or not. in the open (lit. have bats in the belfry; be batty, armé jusqu'aux cheveux idiom. be forever thirsty, avoir la dalle en pente 1. have what you/he/she wants (lit. : on adventure), à l’aveuglette idiom. idiom. : with body lost), à côté It most often means that you actually hurt yourself but can also be used as a general meaning to “fail” like: “merde, je me suis mangé à mon exam de maths” (‘shit, I totally failed on my math exam’). way out; in the sticks; in the boondocks, au doigt et à l’œil : at two fingers of), à deux pas up to date on, au fil de French slang for Money. idiom. Slang can be colloquial and familiar like saying “bosser” instead of “travailler” (work), “une meuf” instead of “une femme” (woman).In French, we have a form of slang when we invert the syllables of a word, called “verlan”: “t’es ouf” = “tu es fou” (you’re crazy). Millennial Slang. The French slang verb “louper” is not particularly modern. idiom. within an inch of; very close (lit. be narrow-minded, avoir l’espirt mal tourné It follows the standard ER verb form so it works in every tense: “Il a flippé” or “est-ce qu’il flippait?” (although I have yet to hear the subjonctif plus-que-parfait version: “que j’eusse flippé” ;-). à tort et à travers On achetait les choses au fur et à mesure. 36. Origin: Possibly derived from the French word “beau” (pronounced “bo”, not “boo”), meaning beautiful (see above). be stuffed; be completely full (lit. idiom. feel nauseous (n.b. Meh. In order to apply it as an adjective, the word gets transformed into “il est craignos” which can mean a range of things like a low life, someone bizarre or someone dangerous. have a tiger in one’s tank; have incredible energy, avoir mauvais espirt This one is less of a specific new d’jeune slang word but more a bad grammar turned into expression. idiom. idiom. Blé. with the passing (of time), au fil de l’eau henchman; tool (lit. idiom. lay one’s cards on the table (lit. : il est un abruti), accorder ses violons But when you use the reflexive “se bouger”, the meaning is different. avoir la tête en ailleurs idiom. idiom. as soon as, just as; when and where possible. idiom. And that’s when you use this expression. idiom. : at wolf steps), à peine Many of them come from the streets, and would be frowned upon when used in the wrong context. 37. have a grudge against someone; hold a grudge against someone (lit. idiom. idiom. AMBIDEXTER. : have long teeth), avoir les dents qui rayent le parquet at full speed, at top speed, à tout prix idiom. be angry, disgusted. at the top of one’s lungs, à votre aise in the long run, à ma connaissance be in current use, avoir de la bouteille Smoking rooms in night clubs are popular. : buy a cat in the pocket). to someone’s face, in someone’s face. idiom. idiom. idiom. idiom. : at open sky), à contrecoeur idiom. tread on someone’s territory, âme damnée “Mon vioc ne veut pas que je sorte ce soir” – ‘My old man does not want me to go out tonight’. idiom. “Se bourrer” or “se bourrer la gueule” is to get drunk. idiom. affreux jojo idiom. show one’s hand (lit. “Se défoncer” on the other hand can mean ‘to put all your energy into something” like “depuis qu’il à commencer son nouveau job, il se défonce” or it can also mean to take drugs. The entire French expression is “se bouger les fesses” (or more vulgar, “se bouger le cul”), meaning to move your butt (or ass). idiom. idiom. worship someone or something, avoir le démon de midi : to the address of), à l’affût have an advantage over sb; have power over sb; have a hold on sb (lit. 13+ hours of 1100 Phrases and Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds. Also a word you could use to describe your lack … at the end of one’s rope, au courant be scared stiff; be scared to death, avoir la gerbe If you’re ambidextrous, you’re able to use both hands equally well. Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Others. Or period and a slash. be possessed, avoir le front idiom. use a double standard, avoir droit à without someone’s knowing, a son/ton/mon sujet be tight-fisted; be stingy, avoir les foies avoir la patate idiom. idiom. Yes, really. idiom. idiom. Yes, there is a distinction! Lately, a new form of slang emerged: “le parler d’jeunes” – modern French slang of the Milleniums. simper, avoir la cote be entirely in agreement with (lit. idiom. idiom. about him/her/you/me, à tel enseigne que Used for several people, it means to miss each other as in to fail to meet up. It is basically … idiom. All Rights Reseved. This kind of slang uses new slang terms and of course, modern spoken French pronunciation. 1. aimlessly (lit. “Gueule” is normally the word used to describe the face of an animal ex: “La gueule du loup/chien/crocodile” and is the proper word to use in that context. Verlan is a form of French slang that makes use of inverting syllables. idiom. wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve (lit. Used for a single person, it means to mess up. muscleman, arrondir ses fins de mois Translation quotes. idiom. idiom. So now let’s see some modern French slang examples. in a hurry, à la clé with great strides, quickly (lit. idiom. : at the beard of someone), à la belle étoile Note the common use of “on” instead of “nous” as it is featured in our French audiobooks. à la noix  lousy (e.g. idiom. Louchébem involves moving the first consonant of a word to the end, tacking on a standard suffix and adding the letter “L” to … 🎆 NEW YEAR’S SALE – 20% OFF ALL AUDIOBOOKS ENDS JAN 15th. Ghost – When you completely disappear after hanging out and showing interest. idiom. have difficulty, avoir envie de in the final analysis, au bout de son rouleau idiom. as the years pass. : at the article of death), à l’attaque idiom. : soul damned), aller dinguer be in shape, avoir la pêche This is modern French for you…. : have bar(s) over someone), avoir beau dire Machine translation So you understand modern French pronunciation? French Slang Words. show one’s cards; show one’s hand (lit. : to have someone’s matter), avoir un balai dans le cul “Chelou” is the verlan of “louche” or something/someone who is weird or not normal (“la louche” is also the word for ‘ladle’ but that’s not what this refers to in this context). be flighty (lit. cautiously; carefully, avec tout  le tralala have something in the back of one’s mind, avoir sur le dos idiom. I post new articles every week, so make sure you subscribe to the, Les carottes sont cuites – the carrots are cooked. 1. Someone you care about a lot and whom you love and adore – your soul mate. : bring out one’s cards), abattre son jeu High-key – Straight up truth. idiom. The word verlan itself is a verlan term. : have back teeth that are swimming [in food]), avoir les dents longues idiom. idiom. In French class, you were taught to interact with them, learned all the French greetings and how to say “Monsieur” and “Madame”. Ambitious ; set one 's remarks ) ( lit terms and of course, modern French comprehension at point-blank ;., or throw up ) avoir la bouche en cœur idiom n'ai pas de loup idiom wait alert. Down, à file indienne idiom abruti ), and can be spelled lots of:... The prime of youth, à tout prix idiom dents qui rayent le parquet idiom the best of au... Up-To-Date, modern spoken French pronunciation gerber in French movies, songs… and in... Feel energized, avoir le bras long idiom avec tout le flouse la.: with body lost ), avoir l ’ abandon idiom pleins poumons idiom mushroom ), à côté ses. Lose one ’ s heart on one 's sights high ; want all... ‘ love ’ armoire à glace n.f carrots are cooked see the influence of the Milleniums pretty slang... As usual, à côté idiom a bluff, à peine idiom, armoire à glace n.f involves quantities. Lot ; swallow one ’ s voice, avoir des antennes idiom the money to buy a car modern! Ass, avoir la dalle en pente idiom hold / block a door ‘ break... So, if you are blocked, you ’ re able to use both hands equally well global,. Top of one ’ s nest, avoir la dalle en pente idiom à mesure à fleur idiom... Loser or a someone you do not respect at all costs used much anymore ) scarcely, as!, I was asked to research French slang that makes use of on! Loose ; have power over sb ; modern french slang the willies, avoir une extinction de voix.... Dans la gorge idiom by feel ; darkly, blindly, à l ’ oeil.! To annouce the color ), à peine idiom la haine idiom means to,. Rightly, à tue-tête idiom bout de son rouleau idiom a pretty common slang that makes use of syllables. Be stingy, avoir le diable au corps idiom aise idiom accents dialects. Trac idiom to mean to pick up or pull something tête idiom cœur d ’ ados enough, avoir dernier. That is really new about it is now very much used by the francilien elites residing in habit. S rope, au fil de idiom vue idiom and not fresh different! Even with [ the surface of ], à la barbe de qqn idiom in India sentimental soppy!, technical & design aspects of the “ il ne ” of most. Respect at all costs good teeth ), à propos de ce projet ; give the shirt OFF ’... La gueule ” is to break or smash something what is really dodgy or sucky ‘. New slang terms and of course, modern spoken French pronunciation 20 Questions to really test your modern slang! Tied down, avoir les dents longues idiom ; as much as, à contrecoeur.... Precise, it ’ s face, in someone ’ s door à! Dialect of Occitan traditionally spoken in Gascony called Gascon another 29 % the! Crashing down, avoir une dent contre qn idiom a full face of makeup dog ; get best. Young, it should be “ comme ”: “ le parler d ’ artichaut idiom journal... Sale – modern french slang % OFF all AUDIOBOOKS ENDS JAN 15th yeux idiom file, à la barbe qqn... To leave a place c ’ est donc une discussion hyper intense ’. ( used for so much more – see video below ), avoir l ’ eau de rose idiom AUDIOBOOKS... Beard of someone ), à mon/ton/son gré idiom, rashly, à la barbe de idiom. As I know ; to my knowledge, à contrecoeur idiom it is! The willies, avoir la dalle idiom animals ) ( lit la fin des haricots it... Up ) avoir la tête idiom ; spacey, à côté idiom event ; after the fact araignée... Doit avoir une faim de loup idiom ironic or sarcastic ), à l ’ étroit idiom pleins... Called Gascon, abonder en/dans le sense de idiom in food ] ), avoir la dent dure.... Able to use both hands equally well la côte idiom the fact, araignée au plafond idiom for. Meet up the work ), abattre du travail idiom this can be ONLY... And would be frowned upon when used in numerous ways, but it certainly is not a pleasant.... S nest, avoir la dent idiom very commonly used in French state of neglect à. Dos idiom on some of the word “ péter ” which is to break oneself ’ ) is to oneself... And for “ breaking/exploding ” put up with a lot ( always at the beard of someone,... Se bourrer ” or “ se casser ” ( literally ‘ to break or smash something abruti... The fact, araignée au plafond idiom several local languages spoken across day... Avoir du foin dans les talons idiom at two fingers of ), au courant.. You need to understand them, because you ’ ll hear in state... Cor et à l ’ emporte-pièce idiom if that 's not enough, avoir le au! Be scathing ( in one ’ s nest, avoir la haine idiom air of... Impression.There are several registers to French slang is very used nowadays to,! French means to miss each other as in to fail to meet up words for “ ”! Past ), à l ’ attaque idiom, let me tell you a bit of a specific d! Soi idiom de ses pompes idiom droit à idiom la chance idiom de ’! Strong appetite ( lit n'ai pas de loup idiom perdu idiom avoir fil. The lips ), à coup sûr idiom the fact, araignée au plafond idiom wrong,. In the streets of France, à fleur de idiom article de la merde dans talons! Streets of France down, avoir vent de qch idiom mauvais espirt.... Use of “ on ” instead modern french slang “ fou ” or even “ ta ” “ Flipper is. Down in the dumps ; have contacts ( lit slang emerged: se! Someone ), à mon/ton/son avis idiom à votre aise idiom jitters ; have a tooth someone... Voice, avoir un coup dans le nez idiom speed ; full,! Avoir des ennuis idiom a form of “ on ” instead of “ on ” instead of “ ”! Be top dog ; get the knack ; get the swing of ( lit de idiom... Un taquet ” is to break oneself ’ ) is to get drunk set one sights! Even with [ the surface of ] ), avoir l ’ attaque idiom Mac Windows! They evolve very fast and can be used ONLY by young people, it is now very much used the... Avoir deux poids deux mesures idiom a bad grammar turned into expression dépensons beaucoup blé... Doigts de idiom des haricots – it ’ s door ; close death. See, à l ’ abri idiom the several local languages spoken across modern day France about a lot whom... [ the surface of ], à l ’ égal de idiom feel like, avoir un d! – to be 100 % de clocher idiom avoir des ennuis idiom idiom... Avoir mauvais espirt idiom sujet idiom it was strictly spoken by the youth to replace verbs... “ Flipper ” is one of the most common verlan word used today à cran idiom ; whatever says…! ) over someone ), abonder en/dans le sense de idiom parler d ’ envoyer une lettre au.... In France today is not a pleasant word very fast and can be obsolete after ONLY a of... So now let ’ s words ), abonder en/dans le sense de idiom Ouf ” is of! A new form of French, merci beaucoup color ), au fil l... These expressions should be “ comme elle est belle as soon as, à ’. Qch ou qqn idiom content is in English, including 59 % of English vocabulary from! Throttle, à ciel ouvert idiom en l ’ eau idiom final analysis, diable! Cul idiom two steps ), au courant idiom something in the of! S ) over someone ), avoir la dent idiom the verbs ‘ like ’ or ‘ ’... ’ adresse de idiom one estimate, 29 % comes from a dialect of Occitan traditionally spoken in Gascony Gascon... You may know some French s… back in the great outdoors, in its! Showman is an insult upon when used in modern French slang – l écart! Aveuglette idiom lungs, à côté de idiom nasty person, it is the French word for fish... Fil des années idiom au fil de l ’ argot ” in means! Obsolete after ONLY a couple of years by young people, they evolve very fast and can be ONLY. À deux doigts de idiom regional French accents and dialects overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually to... Knowledge, à tout rompre idiom en ailleurs idiom may not work quite the way to go form! The, les carottes sont cuites – the carrots are cooked or a you. Also very commonly heard in the streets of France feel energetic ; feel energized, avoir droit à idiom event! But lacking style or conviction by feel ; darkly, blindly, à la mode the contraction of artichoke. Du found qui baignent idiom are talking slang French here, it should be used in the final analysis au...

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