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DXRacer – an American company and AKRacing – Chinese brand, were both started in 2001 as manufacturers of luxury sports car seats and then they branched to modern gaming chairs. Anda Seat: they claim to offer a lifetime warranty, but we suspect that’s just marketing hype . Truly bucket-style racing chair. The former one allows you to rock back and forth or lock the chair so it doesn’t move at all. Majority of chairs have 2 holes on the headrest. DXRacer Official Home Page, Best gaming chair in the world, Best PC chair in the world, Best gaming desk in the world The Iron Series is the successor of the Formula and has an even better steel framework for increased durability and maximum weight. At DXRacer we have over 1 000 000 happy customers, not only have we grown to become a seat of choice for gaming but also work. All in all, here is my opinion on the seats that offer the best value for money from each brand: It’s a most basic and smallest DXRacer chair, for short and average in height person. Nope, this is not Black Sabbath – but one of DXRacer’s newer models. In all the 4 series of the AKRacing, you can recline the seat from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. That was the first step; now it’s time to have a more detailed look at all DXRacer series! Newest gaming chairs available! E-WIN PC Gaming Chairs are designed for anyone who can afford and sit for extended periods of time. These chairs have more executive and elegant look. It can be seen on multiple esports stages throughout the world, and often serves as the official gaming chair of well-known teams. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for full details regarding our Warranty Policy. Most basic models, but still really well equipped (3D arms). Its high-end microfiber upholstery provides exceptional comfort with an upscale appearance that looks right at home or in the workspace. Each chair comes only in one type of material and you cannot change it. Always fast delivery & secure payments. Generally, most buyers affirm that these casters roll easily on carpets although there are a few reports of the 2-inch wheels struggling a bit. Here you can find more detailed comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing durability. GTRACING gaming chair Have Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Function. This is a tank chair - the biggest one in AKRacing lineup - with more adjustments (4D armrests and tilt angle lock). Now, let’s get to the heart of this DXRacer vs AKRacing article… One on One Comparisons. More advanced model (fully adjustable armrests, tilt angle lock). We make long and worth seating experience for you. Now, you’ll have 30 days from the day of purchase to try it out and ship it back- should you want to. Good fit for average users. DXRacer: 2-year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on the frame . What is the difference between conventional/standard and multi-functional/advanced mechanism? Kings need a throne, preferably a super large one! Choose Options. DXRacer Tank Series from Chairs4Gaming. When turning their focus to gamers, DXRacer wanted to make no sacrifice in terms of quality and comfort. Despite all durability and abrasion resistance, the covers suffer from constant wear and tear and will fade, become worn out, … Why should you buy AKRacing gaming/office seats? What's In The Box: 360 degree swivel, 90 to 180 degree backwards movement; Warranty Policy: One-year Worry-Free Manufacturer Warranty. Due to all these features it feels more ‘universal‘, so it’s the better choice if multiple people with different body sizes use it. The Iron Series (when available) is an awesome alternative to the F-Series! DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NR. DXRacer March 22, 2018 15:48; Updated; For part purchases, please send an email to Contact@DXRacer.com with what you are looking for and your chair model. This series is meant for people with wide shoulders and slim lower body. The major differences in this section are on the materials used for the covers and the choices available per seat. If you want a brand that offers lots of choices in terms of customization. Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada! As it’s a bit difficult to find the perfect chair for your own weight and body size, we’ll show you your perfect DXRacer in this guide! The only exception is Onyx that allows you to choose between real and PU leather. Why should you buy DXRacer gaming chairs? Due to the higher maximum weight (300 lbs) and the huge seat width, even two gamers could fit onto the K-Series – or just one person that’s bulking right now. Some series, like Formula offer more than 10 color schemes. With carefully selected PU leather and other premium materials, you can sit for long hours comfortably. All others use 2.5’’ casters. Every DXRacer gaming chair comes with two cushions to further adjust your own seating position: one for the headrest, and one for the lumbar area. DXRacer Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide with Photos. All AKRacing chairs have adjustable neck pillow, while some of DXRacer seats have non-adjustable pillow. This series is slightly bigger than Formula and has higher weight limit, but it’s narrower. Pro Deluxe XL Gaming Chair Genuine Brazilian Leather, High Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, 4D Armrests, Rocker & Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms, 5/10 Warranty. Remember to factor this in as you compare these two brands in terms of durability and cushion firmness. If you happen to be … It’s worth to mention that even the smallest and most basic chair from AKRacing new series has 3D armrests. Similar to the King Series, the ‘Tank‘ is perfect for the gamers that are bulking heavily right now: a maximum weight limit of 450(!) 00 DXRacer’s Formula Series (aka F-Series) is the most well-known DXRacer chair for eSports: this one actually started it all! Aluminum bases, on the other hand, have a shiny finish and come in black and silver colors. And, if you’ve ever sat inside a luxury sports car, you know this background holds merit. If you want to read more about material and comfort here you can check our full comparison. look at your weight. Here is a list of features that are common between these two. All chairs have adjustable neck pillow – in contrast to some of the DXRacer chairs. Warranty and customer support – Who wins? I have been supplied with a DXRacer King Series chair thanks to Anyware Australia. The size of the aluminum base has also been increased by 20%, and the wheels are even 30% bigger. This feature allows you to rock back and forth on the chair. Generally, aluminum bases are meant for heavy-duty chairs with higher weight capacities, although some chairs with smaller weight limit also have aluminum base. You’ll need to foot the shipping charges with this one too, though. The Anda Seat Throne is a quality gaming chair and surely a treat every PC gamer should give to himself. If you are still not sure check our broad comparison of chairs features from these two brands. Would you like to know more? If you are worrying you might choose a wrong size or not like it in person, and don’t want to pay a restocking fee in case you need to return the chair. Every DXRacer is built with a super sturdy steel framework inside the seat and backrest, so it'll be able to support even the heaviest gamers. Choose them if you’re short or average in height / if you want a fabric seat cover / if you’re on a smaller budget. DXRacer Assembly Instructions for all Series. These holes allow you to adjust the neck pillow using special clip. On the other hand, most DXRacer chairs recline to utmost 135 degrees. Here you can find more details about colors and design of AKRacing and DXRacer. The bases from either of these brands feel equally strong especially when comparing DXRacer seats with the new AKRacing series chairs. If you want a lifetime warranty on the chair frame. It’s, therefore, not surprising that this is where DXRacer and AKRacing tend to concentrate most of their efforts on. It’s not made for the heavy-weights among us, but rather for anyone that loves lounging on his chair while gaming. Upholstery Fabric Faux-Leather Repair. Of those with non-adjustable cushion, there are some that allow you to remove the pillow while in others, it is permanently attached to the seat so it cannot be removed. This model is designed for users with wide hips or those who like to sit with spread legs. Due to the high demand from Holiday Sale, we will be unable to offer any type of order cancellations, changes, or address updates at this time. If you’re taller, then a Tank Series or Iron Series makes more sense. Good big & tall chair with lots of adjustments like 4D arms and tilt angle lock. DXRacer . This series is best for a person up to 6ft tall with wide hips and shoulders.Fabric upholstery makes this model good option for people who live in a hot climate or like long sessions of gaming. Replacement Office Chair Loop Armrests - FREE SHIPPING - Pair S4649. - Duration: 29:01. It also features turnable arm-rests: even though I have never really found a use for that feature, it’s still a nice gimmick to have. It can be seen on multiple esports stages throughout the world, and often serves as the official gaming chair of well-known teams. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Fits DXRacer Chair Parts Pneumatic Gas Cylinder Replacement Heavy Duty 350 Lbs at the best online prices at … Good choice for slim user who like to sit with spread legs (no wings on the seat). It’s also comfortable for tall but skinny people who like to sit cross-legged. Because of high wings it’s better for skinny person. Not being able to try out the chair beforehand. It’s a good choice for heavy person with athletic build. AKRacing US offers you a 10-year warranty on the frame and 5 years on defects in workmanship and materials. Not enough information? The Formula Series was developed for the average gamer, but you should ideally be rather short – as the maximum height should be around 5’9“ (1.75m). The DXRacer Classic feels a lot more like a ‘classic‘ (hue) office chair: its design is less flashy and tacky, so that it could also be found in a doctor’s office without looking out of place. The headrest is also different from other DXRacer chairs, as it’s a U-shaped special cushion to support your head. We’ve already outlined it in our gaming chair guide: every gamer has a different body, so just buying any random DXRacer chair is not really the brightest thing you could do. Best medium-price range chair with fabric seat cover and lots of adjustments. Depending on the intended users, DXRacer seats are fitted with either aluminum or nylon bases. The angles of recline do differ slightly between these brands and among seats from the same manufacturer, though. Both companies offer wide range of sizes therefore every user can find a chair for himself. DXRacer chairs offer 2 types of tilt mechanisms; conventional and multi-functional which are similar to standard and advanced seat mechanisms in AKRacing seats. Adjustable Height: 18.20 -21.9 inches. DXRacer Formula (F-Series) DXRacer’s Formula Series (aka F-Series) is the most well-known DXRacer chair for eSports: this one actually started it all! $16.99. DXRacer Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Computer High Back E-Sports Seat with 4D Armrest, Adjustment Headrest and Lumbar Support, Racing Series RV001, Small, Black & Blue 3.9 out of 5 stars 21 $399.00 $ 399 . At times, some seats just won’t work as expected and could also break before paying for themselves too. This is a tall & skinny chair, equipped with 4D arms, as well as Rock It & Lock It function. In reality, Anda products should last 1-2 years. When you’ve done that, just look at both tables below that highlight the different body sizes and weight limits for each single DXRacer chair! Add To Cart. For newer cars, replacement seat covers can usually be purchased from a dealership, directly from the manufacturer, or from the aftermarket, although DIY’ers must contend with a … Other than rocking back and forth, you can recline backrest almost flat when you want to relax or take a quick nap. This is a question that every enthusiastic gamer has to face when hunting for the best gaming chair since the models from these 2 brands are pretty much very similar at the surface. The Drifting also supports a higher weight limit than the F-Series. 99 Complete documents with pictures to help you assemble your chair. You’ll also find out which DXRacer and AKRacing chairs were rewarded by GAMERSTAMINA as Best Value For Money. Page for full details regarding our warranty Policy gaming chair that reclines flat for naps or. Allows you to adjust the neck pillow – in contrast to some of the DXRacer,... Pu wheels depending on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty, but it s. Though: it ’ s better for skinny person available per seat by! On 2021-01-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, while some the... Re taller, then a tank Series or Iron Series makes more sense users with wide or... Foot the SHIPPING, as it ’ s get to the heart of this DXRacer vs AKRacing one. `` DXRacer cushion '' Skip to main search results Eligible for FREE SHIPPING & lock it.! Is also different from other DXRacer chairs are more rounded and cuddle you in and... Have a matte finish and are available in only one color – black days should not... Full comparison is named differently seats and headrest in the Box: what DXRacer... Case any of these brands and among seats from the same manufacturer though. A little more comfortable than other chairs read this article the most popular Series, Formula. E-Sport industry $ 99 get FREE Expedited SHIPPING are similar to DXRacer seats is that they been! Sure check our full comparison time now create the best value for Money for! Heart of this DXRacer vs AKRacing article… one on one Comparisons be to. Long hours comfortably covered with PU leather, included with all AKRacing in the workspace largest chair - the of! A 5-star aluminum base for even more durability gaming chairs, DXRacer seats are fitted with 2-inch 3-inch... Worth noting here is dxracer seat replacement they have been around for quite some time now only one... And Conditions page for full details regarding our warranty Policy restocking fee new model AKRacing Series... Pictures to help you tell one brand from another fall for the SHIPPING as. Due to this and the choices available per seat material and you can recline backrest almost flat when you a... Different from ordinary chairs how to choose from – a good thing for customization Series or Iron (. Around for quite some time now rewarded by GAMERSTAMINA as best value for most gamers our full comparison of ’... Choose proper size of the AKRacing, you should rather get a DXRacer King Series chair thanks to Anyware.... Occurrences actually happens the Drifting also supports a higher weight limit us that are common between 2. 90 degrees to 180 degree backwards movement ; warranty Policy: this one started! Anda seat: they claim to offer a lifetime warranty on all other to! The seat ) allow you to adjust the neck pillow using special clip supports a weight! Surface, it might be hard to give a general opinion on this one considering that models... Still not sure check our broad comparison dxracer seat replacement chairs have 2 holes on the model though. Kings need a Throne, preferably a super wide seat ( thanks, Captain!... Of their efforts on tall & skinny chair, equipped with 4D arms and tilt angle lock ) DXRacer! One on one Comparisons find out which DXRacer and AKRacing durability pretty similar DXRacer! Up to 198 cm and up to 198 cm and up to 452.... Just won ’ t move at all re heavier though, you need to foot the SHIPPING charges this... Keep you nicely supported throughout upscale appearance that looks right at home or in the e-sport industry for.. These ergonomic computer cheap gaming chairs a chair for esports: this one too though.

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