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What is your: height in m or feet? What is the Difference Between Nominal, Effective and APR Interest Rates? He was made a member of the panel of celebrities for the talk show. First, convert 5 feet to inches: 5 feet × 12 inches/foot = 60 inches; Add up our inches: 60 + 2 = 62 inches; Convert inches to … He was ecstatic when I responded to him. The Group consist of 7 members including V, Jeon Jung-kook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM and J-Hope.RM is the leader of BTS. It can also convert between different units of height. The average living room size. This is for my biology homework. How to convert meters to feet. In 2008, he performed with the emerging Korean hip hop group, Zico. Most people usecentimeters as measurement for size. If you wish to convert between centimeters, feet, inches and other units of length and … RM, Rap Monster, Leader Mon, RapMon, God of … ›› Quick conversion chart of feet to metres. He is a fervent supporter of the LGBTQ causes and advocates equality for them in the society. One meter is equal to 100 centimeters: 1m = 100cm. Eye colour? Also, explore many other unit … RM. The leader is the tallest out of the group, coming up to 181 cm/5’11”. RM (Rapper) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics. Thank you. Convert height … The soulful R&B singer stands at just 5 feet 2 inches tall! 11. Apart from his native Korean and Japanese, he is also fluent in English, which he has learned on his own by watching TV shows. He weighs around 67 kg/148 lbs and is one of the heaviest in the band. One centimeter is equal to 0.01 meter: 1cm = 0.01m. Don't mix the two systems, you'll get a wrong result. RM 30 Male Age -27 Height- 6 feet Gotra- Mehla Mother Gotra- Dahiya Study- Diploma in mechanical engg. For heights in centimeters, set Feet to 0 and Inches to the measurement in centimeters. He started his solo rap career under the stage name of Runch Randa. Convert height of 5 feet 2 inches to centimeters. All this time, he was as converting his height from cm to feet only. RM. liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with the use of it. He is 6’1 tall. RM is 5'10. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You have entered an incorrect email address! He managed to pass university entrance examinations for maths, language, social studies, and foreign language in the top 1.3%. One feet is equal to 12 inches: 1ft = 12″ Inches to centimeters conversion. But, he has been seen with green, blonde, and red dyed locks. RM was a brilliant student in school. Convert height of 5 feet 2 inches to centimeters. RM, Rap Monster (Formerly) ... Kim Namjoon Height, Weight & Body Facts. He weighs around 65 kg/143 lbs. T.O.P‘s real height is the tallest out of the group, coming up to 171 cm/5’7.32 ″ or Official height 181 cm (5’11 ″). I have met BTS in late 2018. 1 feet to metres = 0.3048 metres. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Weight. RM was a good academic student. As a member of BTS, Kim Nam-joon has served as a brand ambassador of Puma. V has three moles on his face. Featured Image by Rap Monster / Instagram. How to Calculate Net Income (With Examples), How Long Will It Take To Save? Full disclaimer. Being a member of the groundbreaking and immensely popular South Korean boy band, BTS. Meters (m) to feet (ft) conversion calculator and how to convert. The leader is the tallest out of the group, coming up to 181 cm/5'11. RM Stage Name: RM (아르엠), formerly Rap Monster (랩몬스터) Birth Name: Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Position: Leader, Main Rapper Birthday: September 12, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 181 cm (5’11”) Weight: 73.6 kg (162 lbs) Blood Type: A MBTI Type: ENFP (when he … Height in Meters. Kim Nam-Joon is signed up with Big Hit Entertainment. Can you roll your tongue? He also briefly performed with hip hop group. He holds the distinction of being the first member to be inducted into the BTS band. Please answer all questions. A living room that measures 12x18 feet is a fairly small one while the large type likely to be found in custom homes would measure about 22x28 feet. RM Profile and Facts; RM’s Ideal Type Stage Name: RM (아르엠), his old stage name was Rap Monster (랩몬스터) Real Name: Kim Namjoon (김남준) Birthday: September 12, 1994 Zodiac sign: Virgo Height: 181 cm (5’11”) Weight: 73.6 kg (162 lbs) Blood Type: A MBTI Type: ENFP Twitter account (all BTS members share 1 single twitter account): […] 1. He is 1.81 meters tall. The other brands he has promoted as a member of BTS include.

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