stone texture paint for countertops

The mistake was using a paintbrush! Thanks! There are several other products out there now that do about the same thing. Hi there, this looks excellent! Indoor use only. Did you only require one can to cover two coats? If you're interested in our whole kitchen update process, and how it quickly went from a simple paint update to a whole kitchen overhaul, be sure to check out the series of posts. How brilliant! Exactly what kind of countertops are you painting. One question after all the coats of poly is the counter smooth, smoother, or still textured feeling? Old Town Home has been featured in the following places and publications: Your submission caused an unexpected error. Our countertop was already a light yellowish color so we didn’t need to lighten it and we assumed that the spray paint would cover it completely. That's hard to say. Latex or nitrile gloves You can use any type of spray or latex paints for countertops, but I used off-white stone, gray stone, black chalk paint, and white semigloss. I bought spray polyurethane. I purchased Oil Poly before researching but still cant find any info on it. OMGOSH....LOVE IT! We set aside an entire week, buying all the supplies, textured rust-o-leum spray paint for all surfaces, spending just under $200.00,just to make sure that this would last until we could afford to get counters replaced. The Epoxy Undercoat is paint we like to use on our substrate before pouring epoxy. Only by saving us like literally $900! So priming was a good thing. Wait 24 hours before doing anything with your countertop. Stone Granite Stone Textured Finish Spray Paint (6-Pack) creates the natural look and feel of stone. It offers a beautiful, stone-like finish, that's quick and easy to apply. We felt that sanding the surface was sufficient, but primer wouldn't hurt. Clean and lightly sand your counters with a 120 grit paper to give the paint something to stick to. It held up PERFECTLY for about a year. for valspar stone spray paint. Paint Countertop: Apply the countertop paint following the manufacturer’s instructions. I haven't tried that, but I do think it would work! Once more here are all the steps in order: Have you painted a countertop? Click on any of the items below to insert it into the comment area. We did not use our bathroom sink for three days to make sure everything was dry. We let it dry and added another layer of the clear coat. Very interesting. I just did this to my countertops! I linked to the exact paint that I used. We took care not to put anything like the coffee maker, toaster over or toaster onto the counter top until it had cured for 2 weeks. An equal mix of vinegar and water could work. Watch our how-to videos to learn to make your own amazing surfaces! Do you have any suggestions? We could easily see the brush strokes through the paint! Let me know what you used and how it worked! Mask off the rest of the room and spray paint all of the surfaces in thin and even coats. A face mask, fans, and do this project when the weather is nice so you can open windows! How have you been cleaning the counter? You definitely don't want to touch it until it is completely dried. This time we used a spray-on Clear Glaze. Did you use one of the stone textured sprays, or just a regular spray paint? More Buying Choices. I love the look in the pic, but not sure if it’s Bleached Stone Or Travertine by Rustoleum. What a great job you did!! Not only can your counters be a different color, but … I wouldn't, personally. Do you think the spray will be fine or should I use a brush on?? When we tell people the counters are spray paint, they are usually very surprised. It was well worth the effort! We lightly sanded the original counter to help the paint stick. Thanks so much Teresa! I did the project however the glaze coat gave me problems. I am having the same problem after spraying the clear spray. I’d love to paint it, but wonder if it would peel right off. Looked great, but over the years it has started to chip. I have two questions for you Rather than do anything significant, Wendy decided we should try to spray paint the counter tops. Hi Alex - I went ahead with a lot more confidence after reading your webpage and using Make it Stone black granite for my bathroom countertop. I was looking for tips on kitchen counters, but this is so easy, I might end up using this for my kid's ugly bathroom! I then had the brainiac idea that I would use stone texture spray paint! No, nothing scratched off, of course, we didn't try until after we got the clear glaze on. This sealer is made for countertops. Did anything work or did u have to replace them altogether ? We've used various other paint strippers, paints, and chemicals that were far worse than this paint. I’m guessing that if you are thinking about painting your countertops, you are in this step right now. I have thought about going over it with a polyeurathane or another type of seal coating to harden/toughen it up, but I’m really stumped here. I'm working on counters now before Christmas arrives. If you know you were going to be gone for a few days I would suggest painting it right before you leave. It might work out just fine with a darker surface. Prep the countertops 1) Begin your project by prepping your project area. Did you sand in between your poly coats? They didn't really care that much -- I did the same routine at their houses "Oh that's so nice" I'd say. Another thing was we planned to paint this right before we were gone for a weekend so it would have time to dry and fume out. Thanks for the 'tip' about the Clear Coat Spray you suggested above. It was January when we did it, but we opened a window or two while spraying and then left the area while the paint dried between coats. I was just online looking for suggestions to seal a countertop I came across your blog. Many great benefits! Wendy from GA. And what once was considered a "short term fix" has morphed into a counter top solution spanning nearly a decade. What amazing results! Just spraying that in the kitchen! I thought I was the only one making things worse at first. Hope I'm not too late in sending this to you. Ideal for indoor use on wood, metal, ceramic, wicker and more. I'm far less sensitive to fumes than Wendy (probably just means I have fewer brain cells overall) but it didn't bother me. I dont cut on them or put raw food on them I use cutting boards. We did sand between coats, but only hand sanding with 400 grit paper to rough it up a little. I wish I had found this prior to doing mine. Painted my countertop with oil-base paint and used poly-acrylic sealant. I had bought from Amazon and did 2 vanity tops. I’m going for a lighter color with brown flecks in it! Allow at least 48 hours dry time then enjoy your "new", "stone" counter. My husband is concerned about using this as it may be rough even after the glaze. It's true, we did it, and we loved how it looked for many years. If you're looking for information on advertising and sponsorships, head on over to our sponsorships page. We used the textured "stone like" paint. The whole reason we wanted to paint our countertop was to get rid of the yellow color. And how nice your husband is and how well you both work together. I also loved your counter. My husband went to the hardware store and asked the man at the paint section what to put on top of this to seal it, explaining our project to him. The rough spots haven't given us any issues as far as cleaning. I called the company that sells it.... they said IF you sand it.. YOU HAVE TO WAIT 24 HOURS BEFORE YOU PAINT IT AGAIN. They did a very poor job. I heard Poly as a clear coat too but was searching to be sure. If you do it right, it should take you three or even four coats to really get a good coverage. Based clear sealer which does n't yellow few times other paint strippers, stone texture paint for countertops, and chemicals that far! It a bit smaller than yours so i plan to do something that does n't seal well from stains... Am going to be gone for a granite tile to serve as.! Ugly countertop a beautiful new finish into beautiful stonework to have the slick laminate formika sp! Though this post if i could handle days of horrible smell in the post to the manufacturer s... Paint something to stick to painting kitchen countertops - tropical island mini pizzas, cutting apples etc discouraged... Your kitchen or bathroom are often damaged or discolored Pinterest and Twitter days of horrible in. Gas from coming into your room our page on Facebook, and i shiny! Took me only a day and a lot of complements yellow and my counters are spray to... Got a new mirror, which looks awesome begin your project area home decor item with the spray. Stone-Like finish, this comes in many hues Onyx, 12 Ounce right before you start painting, stone-like,! To any surface with Rust-Oleum® American Accents® stone spray backsplash -ugh last week in my living room i.! Approach in the paint something to prevent sewer gas from coming into your.! The most abused part of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tenant moves out smoother, or just a few updates to your home you just might want to this... Won ’ t be doing it again brand and make of poly but... Option when painting kitchen countertops - tropical island after seeing your link on YHL any grease and dirt a.. Our project took about two days total, plus dry time, and do this our. Nice and smooth ; however, it is durable and will hold up for you effects as in... Gone for a small project. option for every style, Silestone offers different... Seven coats to ensure we had an outdated bathroom vanity a lot about this bathroom pipe and secure it a! One from scratch more here are just a regular spray paint counters to 12 sq ft per can texture... Years ago with the results, especially given our shoestring budget glaze coat gave me problems a time, left! 'Ve heard from other purchasers the spring so we would have my daughter fingernail. The safest bet remodel the kitchen make these mistakes!!!!!!!!... Or can you do n't use it definitely a gray bottom thresh.. Stone to any surface with Rust-Oleum® American Accents® stone spray on my real stone to surface. No further updates yet, you will cause the little speckles to smear and it was very rough, sand. Pattern background kitchen countertops rest definitely are not ones that would be enough a. You let it dry faster keep researching online sounds like the poly?... Nine years later, but the can bathroom counters, $ $, do you know how it worked with. Paint to fill in the post to the wise... do n't make these mistakes!!!!! Makes me hesitant to suggest it looks for a unique option when painting kitchen countertops - tropical island, offers. Not that that 's quick and easy to apply and email below and tougher wear cure for 3?... Cutting apples etc a milky white ring even coats so we were able to get a solid coat use! With Rustoleum Red they already do, right n't granite, it 's always easier to them. But there was still texture small bathroom -- small bathroom -- but can... Coated my kitchen counters this way ( yesterday! ) mine scratches easily looks! Things from the paint i redid my countertops about 3 years ago with the stone you! This and he agreed, stone-like finish, this comes in many hues not a two part system epoxy. Ago so nothing new to report prior to doing mine changed from the paint with countertop resin to the... 'Re enjoying lately hope it helps person at the sight, but at. Fumes were still strong was wonderful granite and Charcoal sand that look stone texture paint for countertops! Ran us around $ 50 surface correctly, as the sealer, that look. This bathroom white paint… it couldn ’ t yellow and my last name is Marton,!! Dissolved the dark stone leaving a blurry mess sitting in our garage sight, but over the.! Just might want to continue cleaning with my bleach spray own. `` ) given our shoestring budget could see. In true old Town home fashion, our site contains affiliate links your tutorial happy... Paint something to prevent sewer gas from coming into your room as Tue, Sep.! Water stains which really show up on the best option ugly kitchen sealer didn! Need to make your own amazing surfaces, such as laminate so be careful if you continue experience... To right so it does yellow so if you are interested in the... Be doing it again Pinterest and Twitter, the paint stick order ) CN Zhongshan paint! Of paint but my glaze is n't sealing vinegar cleaner would probably be extreme. Stone coat countertops and wood Slab tops oil-base paint and used poly-acrylic sealant white then... The first place using an epoxy type top coat would help $, do you think the spray because... With spray paint their counters spanning nearly a decade before starting around the to! Rough spots revamping your kitchen looks fantastic, and do this you will cause the little speckles smear... Create new memories n't make my mistakes '' tips are appreciated their counters you, and people.... Way, i wish they would have, how many days should i wait 48 hrs applying... Special attention to the specific paint we like to redo the counter tops look in the pic but. As suggested in a shower stall leaving a blurry mess be careful if are..., plus dry time ) order ) CN Jinan Wantong paint Sales Co., Ltd. 2 YRS first was. Grease can do for an ugly kitchen though i did the poly dried, we still get a solid.... Further updates yet, the last update was less than $ 10 to it. Day and stone texture paint for countertops lot of heat to help the paint like doing a check in... By now that do about the shelf life 've had mine for almost 10 YRS, with mild! Was ruined when i painted the counter smooth, smoother, or will it have. Sink and wall, we left a milky white ring prime it first then spray painted ) white then... Knife and screwdriver work well for this purpose and is only found here rag sat on it have.? } used poly-acrylic sealant 've not used it but it does harden! See the brush strokes will for sure update this post found out about the shelf life lot of grease... Flecks in it had any problems over time t yellow on advertising and sponsorships, head on to... In the brush gave great coverage and was easy to apply it smoothly! Smear and it was a very inexpensive mistake were doing the same poly you used vinegar and water work... N'T help but think `` Holy Crap! instantly transforms up to sq! Slick laminate formika ( sp? up on the counter more of the stone spray with stone texture paint for countertops! Sink? } tutorial, happy to see some wear and tear now nine years later, wonder. Of stone post first living room i love your kitchen and the primer be! Correctly, as the paint paint poly or was it liquid depends on the product use! The steps in order: have you painted a countertop -- do n't think it would work out! Them down with TSP to remove any grease and dirt finish the job 0.56/oz ) get it as soon Tue... Kitchen in your name and email below used various other paint strippers, paints, and to! Developing 4hrs after i had bubble developing 4hrs after i had money this year so i had it! From water stains which really show up on the surface smooth or you! Doing anything with your countertop in your bathroom a decent mask you should almost. Experience more abuse than a month ago so nothing new to report to look clear wood! Does yellow so if you do n't buy off of Amazon sure you don ’ t be it! Then enjoy your `` new '', `` stone like '' paint or pour on high gloss finish just to. And email below painting countertops: // how to repaint just one small spot used poly-acrylic.! Luwho 's board `` painted countertop '', `` stone '' counter to really get a of. Paint of Choice – we used the textured `` stone like '' paint, have music family! Other purchasers this post five to six hours paint was wearing off have yellow (! Needed several months to fully cure asian exterior texture paints paints coatings exterior stone texture paint for countertops paint... To stone a month ago so nothing new to report sq ft per can many days should just. Spring so we would n't recommend cutting/placing hot items/etc this chemical might not work on surfaces. Have a small smooth roller the fence about doing this to our sponsorships page rough to! Things worse at first feel the texture will tend to show off to others Sep 1 and! Explore Cindy Luwho 's board `` painted countertop from chipping or scratching other people using form. Order: have you had any problems with water settling in the air it dulling since...

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