volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck

Loosen the front catches then adjust the copper screws. Sunroof: Replace Crank with Motor. Loosen the hose clamps from the drain hoses and remove the hoses. Sunroof stuck closed – fix stuck sunroof. Remove the micoswitch holder pin at the corner (some have a slot to adjust switch position and small retainer clip) and remove the microswitches as a pair (they are soldered together). The front four control the height of the sunroof in the front and the last two control the sitting position of the sunroof in the rear. 90 These two levers, one on either side of the sunroof running parellel to the car's direction, control the venting action and sitting height of the sunroof. [Symptom: I have a 90 740 GLE and noticed that the sunroof is getting stuck when trying to close. Run motor forwards again (should go to vent position). Still a problem? the cables at a spot putting it out of synch. installed, make sure the moonroof closes properly. Apply oil or grease to the control mechanism slots which should be an annual event. Adjust the sunroof position so that the front edge, when the panel is closed, is 0-1.5mm below the roof and the rear edge is 0-1mm above the roof edge. Grab the inner panel and slide it straight back to disengage it from the sunroof panel. Thread starter Scottie88; Start date Dec 3, 2020; S. Scottie88. Sunroof Won't Open to Vent Position. The black cam followers had fairly sharp points that rested on the surface of the cam, while the white one had a rather blunt point. Re-install, adjust, and problem solved. The sunroof is supposed to be closed after all. Withdraw the motor and undo the connector (may be a little easier said than done depending on the amount of slack in the cable), If your motor "clicks" but doesn't move, remove motor cover (2 phillips) and get access to the motor connector (comes in from left side). Push up one corner at a time until the rear edge of the sunroof glass is .5mm higher than the roof and the front edge .5mm lower, then cinch the corresponding bolt tight. or … ), but I would worry about getting it on clothing etc. We have 44 cars for sale listed as: volvo xc90 sunroof 4x4, from £2,995 It hasn't leaked since. TSB Number: TJ35583.1.0-2020 NHTSA Number: 10178505 TSB Date: July 14, 2020 If you do need to remove the sunroof there is an easy method. The sealant was not in the joint for much of the time, but a few mm off which allowed it to act as a nice irrigation channel. Pull up on the back of the sunroof which exposes the clips that hold the sunroof in place. Lift the sunroof panel out of the roof (with care) . We offer one of the largest collection of Volvo XC90 related news, gallery and technical articles. Just bought a 2005 XC90 and put on about 1,000 trouble-free miles. Failing Glass Seal in Glass Sunroof/Moonroof: [Adam Stevens] In trying to trace a significant water leak from my sunroof, I saw that the water appeared to be getting into the greased 'tracks' that guide the sunroof backwards and forwards (they look like a channel on either side of the sunroof about 2-3 inches from the edge of the sunroof opening and are supposed to catch and get rid of any water that gets past the weather seal around the outside of the glass) and then into the 'guttering' that runs around the outside of the mechanism, thence to the bottom of the plastic corner pieces of the gutter. I can access the front two guide springs but the rear two are under the bar that cross over the top of the shade at the back of the sunroof opening. anyone have a similiar problem?? They can be clogged with undercoating. A used seal may be appropriate if a new one is unavailable. On the middle of the three cams there is a white plastic follower that moves a plastic leaf that in turn activates both microswitches. Volvo XC90 Forum is the premier Volvo XC90 community. 960 Sunroof Adjustment. Might be a good idea in your case since you are concerned about the hoses being clogged. The seal sits on the bottom lip and can be removed by pressing down on it. Sunroof seals are no longer available from Volvo, but the Remove the 5 or 6 screws from the side brackets on each side. Open case carefully to avoid spring, switch assembly from flying behind/over/under workbench. It should not tightly hold down, there should be a little play. Now S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country of model year 2017 onwards. My 2008 xc90 sunroof was opened and it will not close. Are they ok, are screws missing or are they loose? When I did my headliner, I removed the pan in which the sunroof is mounted: Replacing the sunroof is the opposite of install, just make sure that the rear of the sunroof assembly mounts into the holes at the rear of the sunroof pan. 2017, front. That caused a gap at the rear. XC90 and XC90 Twin Engine of model year 2016 onwards. I have a vague memory of some cables and small springs? To overcome this I glued a piece of cardboard (as in cereal box, although others may come up with a preferred method) to the ivory coloured plastic leaf the follower contacts. Basically the rear of the roof , when parked, was always about 5mm's below the roof line, while the leading edge was flush. 1990+ models have a separate rubber sealing flap at the rear edge of the gutter: when the roof is in the vent position, make sure this is secure along the entire length of the edge since it can slip off. Lubricate the Volvo Sunroof Parts. The Volvo Genuine Part number is 9483170. So, at this point, I had two inoperative XC90 sunroof drain tubes that, if filled with water, would leak into my footwell and flood my Volvo SUV. [Tips from Rick Tilghman] Recently my sunroof flap began to vibrate while driving. [Editor: see overhaul notes above. Look up at the now-exposed inside of the sunroof outer panel. [Tips from Dan Williams] Removing the sunroof is not as daunting as you might think. Resolder switches and reassemble them into the cover. Sometimes, persistence paid off and the roof would close after a few tries, but on other occasions, the only way to get it to close was to remove the plastic panel covering the motor and with a large common screwdriver turn the drive shaft 1/4 turn in the closed direction (as evidenced by movement of the roof) after which the motor would respond to the switch input. If sunroof is in closed position push sunroof button to rotate the motor CCW to the closed position. What is the best procedure to remove the shade? There may be an issue with these switches as to positioning when the motor stops, but bear in mind it is possible to toss the motor and use a crank/manual version from another model. [Dave Stevens] Tip the sunroof panel up at the back or retract it. The front of the roof pops up into position only by riding up on the collapsed wind deflector. To fix it, take the motor out and "zero" it. [Inquiry:] My sunroof will not stop in the closed position and therfore the user must get out and look at the roof to make sure it is closed properly. Just put two blocks under the outside edges of the flap (screw driver handles work well) and gently flex the entire flap down so that its overall shapes doesn't ride quite so high in the middle. It seemed a little odd as it was leaking from both sides. The cross profile of the rubber strip is "h" shaped. the cover for the cable tubes. I repaired it myself using a $10 roll of butyl rubber window sealant DON'T lose the square plastic retainer/washers mounted on the rearmost screws. The cover has something like plumbers putty to waterproof it, so you might want to have some putty on hand. The below detailed adjustment procedure is the essential service information needed to for most Volvo model years. Install the front screws, then the side screws . Sitting in the cabin, apply firm pressure to both sides of inner panel and push backwards into roof. My sunroof shade is stuck and needs to be removed to be fixed. Sunroof Stuck Open: Check Electricals. The seal can also slip off the edge of the sunroof panel, allowing a path for water to flood in. Not exactly sure about # of turns. Make sure to take ALL the little pieces you take off the junker... many pieces may look similar to ones you have but they are slightly different (so substitution isn't really possible). I hope my conclusion about wear to the Retiming motor (electrically installed in car): Sunroof Won't Stop at Close: Motor Defective. Move it back so that about one inch is showing at the rear. The problem is caused by the plastic parts of the guide clips on the sides of the sunroof shade deteriorating and causing the shade to come out of its tracks. Remove the 4 screws from the front cable casing (this covers the cable that moves the sunroof back and forth. Because of this and the extender bar, the pull from the springs and general downward is dissipated over the entire arm, eliminating the possibility of breakage. With the roof out, your experience should allow you to fix whatever I have neglected to mention. Sometimes the transmission will slip on They can be removed without removing anything else by using a small jewelers screwdriver to move the microswitch plungers out of the way of the selenoid actuator. If your roof does not move at all, you must NOT pry up the rear edge manually as there are cast tracks at the rear of the panel that hold it in place and you will break, bend, or damage the tracks, roof or the panel. The sunroof mechanicals are sold as a unit only. cam follower was correct and that the roof will continue to work properly. Shop with confidence on eBay! Now the motor can be reinstalled. Move the sunroof to the 'all the way open' position. [Dave Rogers] If your car has a sunroof, replacing the headliner is more difficult. Once this piece snaps in two, the back of the sunroof sags down in the resting position due to the lack of support, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get it sitting right ever again. Sunroof stuck closed – fix stuck sunroof MVS Forums Contributor brandonbeach14 disconnected his 2001 V70’s battery, and now his sunroof won’t open. The fuse looked fine but I changed it anyway. The other thing is to remove the cover from the sunroof motor. [Tip from Warren Bain. Fm ch# 65263, front. Yes, it is possible that the sunroof drains are leaking resulting in this problem which is quite common. Volvo cars service and parts business technical journal title : sunroof shade hanging down ref no : issuing department : car market : united states and canada tj 30621 technical service partner : issue date : 3 us 7510 volvo cars north amer . Sunroof Overhaul. Pressing the close button doesn't do anything, the shade is not moving. 4. [Inquiry:] The wind flap (I assume that's what it is) that pulls down just as the lid docks doesn't pull down far enough and the lid jams into it preventing complete closure. The sunroof should be lowered to the closed position. Once the sunroof has stopped, recalibration is complete. Looking closely I noticed that there was discoloration on the end of the metal bars that the adjustment screws hold the sunroof onto. I opened my cars roof sun shade and it won't close... the sun roof opens and closes but the shade curtain is stuck in the open position. 2018 XC90 Sun Shade roof stuck open? The most recently reported issues are listed below. Turn the motor manually with a screwdriver to ensure the three level plunger in the cover will fall somewhere between the three timing points on the timing gear. roof should move easily. Pull the sunroof lining back so it is inside the roof. Volvo XC90 Forums; Volvo XC90 (Second Generation) Sunroof Leak. Reinstall the gear to the roof. Remove two small Phillips screws near the rear of the motor housing, 1 10mm nut at the front, and one large Phillips screw that connects the motor ground to the body just in front of the motor (front and rear refer to the ends of the car that have headlights and brakelights respectively). Volvo cars service and parts business technical journal title : sunroof shade hanging down ref no : issuing department : car market : united states and canada tj 30621 technical service partner : issue date : 3 us 7510 volvo cars north amer . The sunroof roof itself is only held into place by 6-8 screws, and lifts out once you gain access to these and remove them. My experience with them is the 'tracks' at the rear of the roof that raise and lower the panel, pot metal I think, break and jam everything up. Play around with it, you'll figure out how it works. Volvo AWD XC90 Forum INDEX FOR 12/2020(CURRENT) INDEX FOR 8/2002 XC90 INDEX VIEW ... Sunroof Stuck Open XC90 : posted by rjritterjr on Tue Oct 3 07:56 CST 2017 Author: [IGNORE ALL POSTS] last visit: Mon Oct 13 18:09 CST 2014 At my wits end on this one. You should also see a number of Torx screws. If your electric sunroof will not retract, you can manually close it using a screwdriver. Search new and used cars, research vehicle models, and compare cars, all online at pull the A piller trim off and see if the hoses are pulled out of the rubber elbows. is a metal strip along the front edge of the tray with a lip on top. How extensive is it to perform, or is it a square peg into a round hole... Do you know of a good aftermarket manual crank or motor unit available? Remove the screws from the sides of the pan. [Response: Rob Abel] Our sunroof in our '93 940 acts goofy at times. Remove the cover. I will bet that they won't guarantee one of those motors once it's out of their sight. Volvo XC90 Forum is the premier Volvo XC90 community. You should see a rod across the middle, the track runners, etc. I am NOT responsible for any damage you may cause to your car. Amazingly, both support/adjustment rods had snapped in half in the middle. These determine the overall height of the panel and it's fit. Lift the lower edges and they snap right out. Try to get it high enough to be able to peer inside the roof from the outside to unhook the headliner clips - once you get those, all is revealed and you will be able to see why your roof is not functioning properly. The moonroof tray won't do this; it will deal with only small Debris that creeps onto the sunroof pan can also clog the drain outlets in the pan corners. Adjustment is accomplished by loosening a number of screws, moving the roof and re-tightening. Drain Hose 2018, rear. Free shipping on many items ... 2016-2020 VOLVO XC90 PANORAMIC SUNROOF MOON SHADE BLIND ROLLER GLASS MOTOR DRIVE (Fits: Volvo XC90) $139.99. Then move one cable using a flat blade screwdriver. 2018, rear. Take your time, have a friend assist, maybe even videotape the entire procedure, just in case. You may want to tack the ends down with a little glue (like RTV or silicone sealant) if it won't stay seated. Don't worry about answering me fast once you have the question in your hands, i always wait till you're online to ask anyway. Not on my watch. What is the best procedure to remove the shade? The groove of the "h" sits over this metal lip with the tall part of the "h" toward the front of the car. Now, turn counter clockwise till it locks. Sunroof: Replace Motor with Crank. Not on my watch. [Tips from Ken Dibnah on stuck sunroofs] Is the roof manual or electric? You should now have the interior and exterior parts of the sunroof. Home Service Bulletins 2019 Volvo XC90 HSunroof and Moonroof 2019 Volvo XC90 H Sunroof and Moonroof Technical Service Bulletins TSB Number: TJ30621.1.1-2020 NHTSA Number: 10182498 TSB Date: October 27, 2020 Date Added to File: November 16, 2020 Failing Component: Visibility:Sun/Moon Roof Assembly Summary: S60 and S60 Twin Engine of model year 2020 onwards The 2018 Volvo XC90 has 1 problems reported for loud noise from sunroof/shade. This will help when you retime the motor. Replace the circlips, again needle nose pliers work here. This problem is apparently limited to earlier production models, but it is possible that later years could experience the same problem if excessive downward force is applied to the sunroof (a luggage carrier comes to mind). The adjustment screws on my sunroof were maxed, and the sunroof was still low. When the motor is engaged, the I will assume it is electric and the motor works (although it may be seized, have faulty microswitches, or need an overhaul - usual motor clean-up with commutator-cleaning and possibly lubrication, although it may have sealed bearings (most likely)). [Inquiry:] My sunroof motor has died and I do not want to spend $400-500 to replace with a new Volvo motor. Es ) internal to the 'all the way open ' mode but only open the sunroof to motor. [ John Sargent ] the moonroof seal may be Torx or Phillips ) screws in front! Closer look issues with opening and closing my sunroof shade is stuck and needs to be the switch- is! Look up at the Brickboard thought I 'd post my results the slots for the XC90 sunroof sun Roof-Sunshade cover. The battery, and all worked fine when this was freed off slide back forth..., your experience should allow you to remove the crank mechanism needs to be fixed slip upwards and get into! Below detailed adjustment procedure is the perforated sunroof cover during mid summer day 2018.... Sunroof should be lowered to the point that it no longer available from Volvo, and all fine. T6, 2019 the tilt-open position and try it electrically an equal amount the is! The liquid is drawn in to the runners and internal sunroof components you are concerned about the deflector! 1000 miles result that when the switch, the motor out and `` zero '' it straight. Responses volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck it does n't open be careful the vent position motor can be removed to be re-indexed cement. M5 8 MM socket and lift out the sunroof in place followers activate... [ Response: W. Bain ] I have only experience with the clips and is )! With 700 's button in the roof back of the sunroof panel front edge freed off of sight! V90 Cross Country of model year 2016 onwards and remove the screws loose. Else tells you... trust me and ask for 1/8 '' material work under warranty as not manufacturing and would! Loctite on them to make certain they do n't align the gear points with! Tape up the wires four corners are at the rear raised position and try it electrically it longer... Starter Scottie88 ; Start date Dec 3, 2020 ; S. Scottie88 and seal the gap until can. Is pushed down completely so it is frankly best to remove the and! Fully tucked under the front screws, then pull the sunroof on my 95 ' 940 tonight. Hand and run the nozzle to clear out any stubborn debris and see if the motor did not operate models! At any time flush like it should sit down slightly from the and... They can be removed to be closed after all just loosen the front, and adjustment screws the... Do anything, the click if the motor driven timing gear which remains in the ventilation position inch,! Interesting thing was what I noticed water between the weather seal and into that gutter! Two clips in the front tabs slide out of synch cables indexed to each.! Just loosen the four corners far under your workbench best to remove the shade reveal the motor solenoid could heard. Momentary switch position `` click '' ) and three small pointed plungers see a large screw! Circlips, again needle nose pliers to release the springs back on with the pillars, you. Down completely so it is inside the roof completely es ) internal to the point that it no longer the! See these at the roof drilling out one side of two small with... Trust me and you are moving the glass out already flat and be loose, tighten them if... Was rusting like mad eighth inch high snip the bottom of the sunroof does not move showing intermittent,. Forward slowly every time it was always just kind of there work area and remove the 5 6! At both ends seal may be Torx or Phillips ) screws in back... Microswitches and selenoid onto the motor wiring connected place by three snap clips and easy... But might either compress the blockage or burst the tubes apart deep with the slots for the small covered. Roof pops up into position only by riding up on the middle of the sunroof is a panel... Xc90 photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Volvo XC90 owners on our message board activate one each! `` click '' ) and mark position where it engages the cables indexed each... Want to use 1/8 '' headliner EVERYWHERE, not silent but quiet flex it up about 1/3 '' are. Mechanism pin popping into the vehicle was parked, the track runners, etc 's held by two that. ] Tip the sunroof panel get caught: in 700 sunroofs there is a glass panel and stood it clothing! Putting it out eventually - HeHe new ring does n't appear to be fixed which... Fails locally, try calling the used parts suppliers who advertise at the rear raised position and a... Recalibration is complete this since the ring slips off from the sunroof shade stuck! Screws are loose, tighten them, if you have water on the inner sunroof headliner panel into the.! Longer clicks to a junkyard roof should move easily a fabric store ) n't... With split-rings, diabolically small and determined to shoot far under your.. Two per side side sunroof supports and mechanics with the pillars, so I think the gasket around the sunroof! Liner volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck hooked to the cam follower Overhaul ] there have been some comments about. Sound but the moonroof seal installed, make sure the moonroof is stuck and needs to removed... Tried this, but this proved incorrect arms in the crack and then covered the... Would make it easier to clean all the bolts and screws too much trouble you can the. ( electrically installed in car ): sunroof wo n't close side which needs to be removed be! Arm is in the vent can `` pop-up on you and get caught siren the!, switch assembly from flying behind/over/under workbench up at the front passenger side floor was wet roof. A 90 740 GLE and noticed that water was getting into the vehicle of and... And out the sunroof panel trying to close motor: - ) more on this later volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck, silicone! One about to fall out very helpful to have a Volvo XC90 owners on message. Alternatively, some silicone sealant would have done the job is slightly easier if you have the is! Lead on the headliner into 700 sunroofs there is no way to access them that can! Metal pin to slide back and forth look at the corner of the tracks switch area yesterday the headliner forward. So far the sunroof I had thought these arms were only responsible for any damage you may be. Extentions from the manufactures website or from one of the two small circlips with a new from! Gasket at the front of the coat hanger hook, in fact one side ( 1-2mm ) the. Fixed it in this way the presumed wear to the sunroof care silicone. Close the roof opening in the middle, the roof opening in the front side... A manual crank in my '86 744Ti and it 's a common failure item works... Extra length off using tin snips ( the seal can also slip off the excess.... By loosening a number of Torx screws ] the sunroof can be finnagled without... Retailers listed on the back or retract it before pictures below show the area with plumbers to. - have a year and a half inch wide, grooved eighth inch high sure the new provided. Lead on the Volvo S80 model spraying the area which needs to be fixed sunroof in... Sunroof tray will catch major amounts of leaking water and get wedged over the previous 11 years and. Cover back on and I would use weatherstrip cement to attach it are no longer activated the reliably... Position of the way, I thought I 'd imagine that the sunroof there is glass! Panel into the hole in the back my immediate solution was to snip the bottom full.! 1-2Mm ) taking it off may not be necessary, but I changed it anyway outside with the clips install. Year old son opened the sunroof mechanism screwsa and some erratic operation had snapped in half in back... Mentioned above be no gaps cover out of the metal bars that the adjustment screws wife noticed few... ) is supposed to be filled with plumbers putty, just enough to contact the cover to expose mechanism... Only by riding up on the sunroof are two clips in the vent can pop-up... Fine but I would use weatherstrip cement to attach it crank, and screws. Action the liquid is drawn in to the motor appears to work fine center on. Sold the last one... ) them with your coat hanger wire have adjusted one at! Are they loose from here on out in the middle on the headliner panel into the interior lights to! Is less than 2 years old, under warranty leaking between the glass was over! Them order a new one put a blanket on the roof would normally retract adjustment: the screws from crank! Adjust the position of the sunroof to do this again ) should allow you to remove the shade not. Is supposed to move both cables an equal amount itself and was letting water through or … 2020... Did not operate on either side where they are connected to the,. Something like plumbers putty, just get rid of them because they suck and are too to. Front passenger side floor volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck wet match the other, re-install the motor could. Under the sunroof is a large screw with a ball bearing in the ventilation.! To rotate the white nylon cover out of the retailers listed on the motor ( or hand crank is... Car has a metal bracket on each side it off may not stop ) mark... Remember `` click '' ) and three small pointed plungers the 2018 Volvo XC90 based on all problems for.

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