Minorities In The Media – Therrell High School (Atlanta)


Our first stop of the school year Minorities in The Media took place on November esteemed panel and people who helped make the #MinoritiesInTheMedia happen today at Therrell HS. Thank you to Journalist/Writer @MinaannLee

Arts & Cultural Journalist Christine Lee (minaannlee twitter) speaking and providing some advice to a group of students. Christine broke down the importance of artists having a real connection with their fans if they want to succeed.

@bossman_q @LouMuhammed w/Nation of Islam, Ent lawyer @VincePhillipsESQDr. Khaalisha Ajala MD and creator of (@heartbeatsandhiphop) speaks with some of the young ladies who hung on her every word and advice and Jan D’Aguiar creator of #MITM. Of course the team Mike D. @wefightkidz and special shout out to @iammikablack for coming out and volunteering.

As always one of the best parts of #MinoritiesInTheMediais when the students get to meet n greet and ask further questions with the panelists.

We have a lot more in store. The feedback we got from the kids, teachers and administrators has been nothing short of astounding! #HipHopGivesBack thanks you! #MinoritiesintheMedia #HHGB #GivingBack#BuildingUp

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