BetterMITMMinorities in the Media – HHGB is expanding their discussion panel and seminar at local Atlanta area high schools that will address the issues with how minorities are popularly portrayed in the media.  The panel will consist of academic scholars, community organizers and professionals in film, music, TV and Non Profit fields. The seminar and panel will take place at one Atlanta area high school beginning in October 2014 thru April 2015.


The goal of MITM is to provide students and members of the audience the opportunity to hear directly from artists, entertainers, entertainment industry professionals, professors and more on the current and/or historical state of Minorities in The Media.  Media being the traditional newspaper, TV, radio, in addition to new media internet and social media in particular, and offline aspects as well.  One of the goals is to prepare and make the students aware of the various ways minorities are targeted and portrayed in an inaccurate light in order for various entities to profit.
The panel of professionals would answer predetermined questions from the moderator of the event for an established amount of time.  In the past we’ve done 45 mins to an hour and then allowed for 15-20 mins of Q&A from the students.

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