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Assam has heterogeneous population with socio-cultural & ethnic diversity. Details about the population of Assam based on India Census 2011. The economy of Assam today represents a unique juxtaposition of backwardness amidst plenty. [98] Every district is administered from a district headquarters with the office of the Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate, Office of the District Panchayat and usually with a district court. The same answer, which is ‘illegal immigration’. In 2006, it reached up to 2, 80, 66000. According to the survey report of 2001, the state population was around 2,60,66000. It is variously blamed on poor infrastructure, limited connectivity, and government policy;[135] on a "poor work culture";[136] on failure to advertise vacancies;[137] and on government hiring candidates from outside Assam.[138]. Tamulpan (the areca nut and betel leaves) or guapan (gua from kwa) are considered along with the Gamosa (a typical woven cotton or silk cloth with embroidery) as the offers of devotion, respect and friendship. Increasing efforts of standardisation in the 20th century alienated the localised forms present in different areas and with the less-assimilated ethno-cultural groups (many source-cultures). [citation needed], Typically, an Assamese meal consists of many things such as bhat (rice) with dayl/ daly (lentils), masor jool (fish stew), mangxô (meat stew) and stir fried greens or herbs and vegetables. Islam is also fastest growing religion in Assam according to 2011 census report. District wise population of Assam. By the 1850s, the industry started seeing some profits. [57][58] Every year, flooding from the Brahmaputra and other rivers deluges places in Assam. In the past, the celebration was primarily important in the religio-cultural sense. Two are now extinct.[95]. This administrative district comes under the upper region of the state. Tej Ram Sharma,1978, "Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions. Despite numerous invasions, mostly by the Muslim rulers, no western power ruled Assam until the arrival of the British. Formation of Goalpara Municipality, 1875. [118], The 1991 census made the changing demographics of border districts more visible. Whereat once, more than 80% of the people of this state were Assamese, but now many other Non-Assamese people have also been involved. [citation needed]. [116][117] During the Assam Movement (1979–1985), the All Assam Students Union (AASU) and others demanded that government stop the influx of immigrants and deport those who had already settled. [citation needed], Painting is an ancient tradition of Assam. [46], After a few initially unsuccessful attempts to gain independence for Assam during the 1850s, anti-colonial Assamese joined and actively supported the Indian National Congress against the British from the early 20th century, with Gopinath Bordoloi emerging as the preeminent nationalist leader in the Assam Congress. [50], Since the restructuring of Assam after independence, communal tensions and violence remain. The Beshoma starts on the last day of Chaitra and goes on till the sixth of Baisakh. There are several other industries, including a chemical fertiliser plant at Namrup, petrochemical industries in Namrup and Bongaigaon, paper mills at Jagiroad, Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. Suresh Kant Sharma, Usha Sharma – 2005,"Discovery of North-East India: Geography, History, Culture, ... – Volume 3", Page 248, Davaka (Nowgong) and Kamarupa as separate and submissive friendly kingdoms. Asia's first refinery was set up at Digboi and discoverer of Digboi oilfield was the Assam Railways & Trading Company Limited (AR&T Co. Ltd.), a registered company of London in 1881. The Mughals were comprehensively defeated in the Battle of Itakhuli and expelled from Lower Assam during the reign of Gadadhar Singha in 1682 CE.[27]. There are speakers of Tai languages in Assam. The rhythmic movements of the dances in the festival were inspired by animals, agricultural techniques and showed their relationship with ecology. The local governance system is organised under the jila-parishad (District Panchayat) for a district, panchayat for group of or individual rural areas and under the urban local bodies for the towns and cities. For the state bird, the white-winged wood duck, Assam is a globally important area. Modern dialects such as Kamrupi and Goalpariya are remnants of this language. Other ways, it will not be so wrong, if we say- Indian and Assam state government has been playing a major role in the population growth of Assam. Sofia Press & Publishers Pvt. In the reign of the Varman king, Bhaskaravarman (c. 600–650 CE), the Chinese traveller Xuanzang visited the region and recorded his travels. [14] Three of the spoken languages do not fall in these families. In recent times the form and nature of celebration has changed with the growth of urban centres. Some deaths are attributed to the floods. Assam info Total population of guwahati 2019. Kokrajhar (Assam) Election 2019: Know Election Results for Kokrajhar. December 9, 2020. Dihing, Dibru, Dihong, D/Tista, and Dikrai) reveal that it was the most important language in ancient times. The total population of the state has increased from 26,638,407 to 31,169,272 in the last ten years with a growth rate of 16.93%. The organisation was successful in this, but even after India's independence, conditions of the labourers have improved very little. But an obstruction arises here. [citation needed], Out of 32 districts of Assam, 9 are Muslim majority according to the 2011 census of India. Between 1946-1951, 274,455 Bengali Hindu refugees have arrived from what is now called Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) in Assam as permanent settlers. Dainik Samayik Prasanga, Dainik Prantojyoti, Dainik Janakantha and Nababarta Prasanga are other prominent Bengali dailies published in the Barak Valley towns of Karimganj and Silchar. deluges places in Assam. Bihu is a series of three prominent festivals. Eventually, every year the population increases by 0.09848 Million. Assam Tiger population in Assam’s Manas National Park trebles Digital Desk. With implications for food security, per capita food grain production has declined in the past five decades. Religious minority-dominated districts like Dhubri, Goalpara, Barpeta, Morigaon, Nagaon, and Hailakandi, recorded growth rates ranging from 20 per cent to 24 per cent during the last decade. [87] Other religions followed include Jainism (0.1%), Buddhism (0.2%), Sikhism (0.1%) and Animism (amongst Khamti, Phake, Aiton etc. The number of affected people was nearly 88,000 in 10 districts on Sunday. Sectoral analysis again exhibits a dismal picture. (1990). Who won and lost. The rivalry between the Chutiyas and Ahoms for the supremacy of eastern Assam led to a series of battles between them from the early 16th century until the start of the 17th century, which saw great loss of men and money. Population Growth In Assam. As we know, every problem has some core reasons and then some deep impacts on society. Last Reviewed & Updated: 05 Aug 2019 . The total population of Assam was 26.66 million with 4.91 million households in 2001. Some of these are: Other few yearly celebrations are Doul Utsav of Barpeta, Brahmaputra Beach Festival, Guwahati, Kaziranga Elephant Festival, Kaziranga and Dehing Patkai Festival, Lekhapani, Karbi Youth Festival of Diphu and International Jatinga Festival, Jatinga can not be forgotten. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is famed for its feral horses. To solve that particular problem first we have to understand what its main causes are. That is why, though they can but they don’t want this problem to be solved. Problems with the imported Han Chinese labourers from China and hostility from native Assamese resulted in the migration of forced labourers from central and eastern parts of India. Let me give you a short survey report for the year 2001. It seems this will badly hamper their political rights in the future. Assam has conserved the one-horned Indian rhinoceros from near extinction, along with the pygmy hog, tiger and numerous species of birds, and it provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant. Let me give you a short survey report for the year 2001. [71][citation needed]. The discovery of Camellia sinensis in 1834 in Assam was followed by testing in 1836–37 in London. There is a high degree of bilingualism. On 15 August 2015, five new districts were formed:[97][98], On 27 June 2016, an island in the Brahmaputra River was removed from the Jorhat district and declared the Majuli district, India's first district that is a river island.[99]. (2000)The birds of Assam.

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