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HOW DO I CARE FOR MY DARCHE SLEEPING BAG? Fits all vehicles with roof racks. The Adventure Kings Premium Roof Top Bag is the perfect way to keep your gear protected while out on the road. 0000074088 00000 n If you want a high-quality roof, a top cargo carrier that will give you dependable service for many years to come, the Pro-Series 63604 Bag is an excellent choice. Cinching Straps to improve fit and wind noise. 0000074152 00000 n Protects cargo during transport. The Mockins Cargo Roof Bag is built to withstand all weather conditions. 41''x35''x17'' Roof Bag 6* Strong, wide straps 1* Storage bag 2* 3 meters straps Warm Tips: 1.This roof bag is 600D heavy-duty polyester canvas, it is Soft Carriers. Snap the plastic clips together. 3.Best to use for the car with Roof Rack. And when not in use, it folds down for easy storage. <<9633229DCE8F3E419C5E45D147DE2739>]/Prev 361777>> 0000072012 00000 n 0000021280 00000 n Hooks may be inside, or outside car depending on vehicle size. Waterproof dustproof and fully compressible, Heavy duty PVC with storm flaps over zippers, fits most roof racks with its generous 160cm x 100cm x 30cm size. Compare products. 0000026890 00000 n You can compare up to three products. Keeps cargo clean and protected. FOR INSTALLATION ON A NAKED ROOF (INSTALLATION ON VEHICLE WITH NO RACK SYSTEM). These weather proof cargo storage bags mount to your vehicles roof rack, luggage basket or tray and are manufactured from 500D weatherproof PVC, with tear resistant fibres. Bar Type: 4 x 60 Litre Bags. 0000082710 00000 n startxref Our roof bag is foldable and it is easy to storage in the Free storage bag when not in use. $ 255.00. or 4 payments of $ 63.75 with Afterpay. •Keep straps and bag from making contact with sharp metal edges. 0000018548 00000 n Sale. Measures 1750 x 900 x 300 high. 235 96 SKU: THUL-800601. 0000077146 00000 n 0000078857 00000 n 0000083072 00000 n Related Posts. 0 0000084782 00000 n 4.1 out of 5 stars 20. h�b```e`�x���� ��A�X��,8Y������t��a��ۈ�2k�(h�(7�]�{�� ��L���T�7sH����!��G����DŚ �׵��sr?il�[�����ʱ��~r������g0����'�3:��M�L� 0000003555 00000 n 0000073232 00000 n endstream endobj 300 0 obj <>>> endobj 301 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0 0 612 792]/Type/Page>> endobj 302 0 obj <>stream Tear-resistant 600 GSM/500 Denier heavy-duty PVC construction. Constructed from polyester fabric with nylon zippers it will protect your gear that you store on the roof of your 4WD when you are out camping and 4WDing. Did you know that consulting our new online instructions sheets prevents the use of more than 7,330,000 sheets of paper annually? Compare Rola Roof Bag Platypus 425 Litre 364656. 0000080142 00000 n ailnovo Car Roof Bag, 560 Liters Large Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bags Waterproof Folding Luggage Storage Bag for Any Cars with Roof Rack or No Rack/Bars/Rails Needed, 20 Cubic Feet, Black 580 litres roof top cargo carrier bags create extra space by storing belongings up top, it frees up space inside the vehicle for more comfortable travel. 5.1Use double sided tape to attach the insulation roll to the eave strut allowing at least six inches of overhang. Capacity 388L-543L(Large). One thing to be aware of here is that you need to set this up properly to get the best experience. Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier Bag Kayak Rack Roof Rack Roof … 0000083500 00000 n 0000072375 00000 n You can buy them from most of the athletic stores or online at a good price. Make sure you don’t cut any corners setting up the Sailnovo Waterproof Roof Bag. 0000072868 00000 n 0000072804 00000 n Constructed using tear resistant 500D High-End poly canvas material – not only is it waterproof but it will also protect your gear from all manner of harsh weather conditions. 0000082646 00000 n 0000082218 00000 n 0000069448 00000 n Heavy duty tie down straps and buckles offer a secure and quick mounting system. The 4 Boxing Exercises Every Average Joe Can (And Should) Do . Incorrect set up or use is not covered under general warranty. 0000071154 00000 n Specifications: 44" L x 34" W x … 1. 0000076718 00000 n 0000080934 00000 n 0000075371 00000 n Find installation instructions for any replacement part. %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000075435 00000 n It will also fit most roof racks with its dimensions of 160 x 100x 30cm. Waterproof fabric. hŞb``àb``ZÈÀÊÀôQ…A€€bl,M—0Ôİ)mí¾ÇÀ æà5›½ªBĞ©õ°Ÿí¶9l‚N%×n9 •Position bag to minimize wind loads under bag. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 0000074580 00000 n Welded sealed seams. 0000081791 00000 n In Stock Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item Newsletter. (Roof rack and/or roof bar distance must be considered when selecting your awning) Small to medium sedan/SUV, Dual cab Ute, single cab Ute – 1.4m or 2m wide awnings, Large wagon/4x4, Tray, Van - 1.4m, 2.0m or 2.5 m wide awnings. Platypus Roof Top Bag Bag expands from 283 to 425 litres. 0000004909 00000 n 0000073659 00000 n 0000073296 00000 n BefORe dRIvING AWAy •Do not use in severe winds. Fit roof rack accessory 2. Premium Waterproof Roof Top Bag - Heavy Duty PVC | Adventure Kings . 2. This bag offers you with 15 cubic feet of dry storage as it is rainproof. From 15 to 19 cubic feet of space, our cargo bags have enough room to fit all of your personal items and equipment. trailer 0000080571 00000 n RoofBag cartop carriers are easy to install on any car,van or SUV, with rack or without rack -- no tools needed 1. 235 0 obj <> endobj Fitting Instructions Product Category Select Suspension Bull bars Rated Recovery Points Driving Lights Winches Snorkels Canopies Ute Liners Long Range Fuel Tanks Recovery Equipment Dual Battery & Auto Electrical IceCube Fridge Freezers Storage Clean Car's Rooftop. 0000056077 00000 n Custom: Please enter the measurements required in the comment field on the checkout page.To make the bag it can take us 5-10 working days. %%EOF 0000075007 00000 n %%EOF $49.99 $ 49. 0000079713 00000 n 0 0000006911 00000 n 5.2Unroll insulation to the other eave of the building allowing similar overhang. Compare products. 0000080998 00000 n Ok. 0000083991 00000 n 0000005169 00000 n 0000004654 00000 n Eave Strut. The Rhino-Rack Weatherproof Luggage Bag is the ideal solution for carrying your bulky light weight gear while on the road. EASY TO USE - It comes with detailed instructions for various vehicles such as cars with or without roof rack and how to install on trucks, quickly and easily installed in minutes. 0000079221 00000 n 0000074943 00000 n This bag also comes with tie down straps that are attached to the bag for more convenience. 0000071519 00000 n Insert the Top Strap On RoofBag Car Top Carrier. The Rola Platypus Bag is an expandable roof top cargo bag, expanding from 283 to 424 litres. hŞÌX{sÛ6ÿûü³½]’õØírç8Éš-i»8]^ş`d:ÖE–. When using our Cargo Roof Bag you increase your vehicles cargo space without hindering passenger comfort. Backed by 30 days money-back guarantee and … 0000070728 00000 n 0000008344 00000 n 0000077082 00000 n 0000069384 00000 n 0000070238 00000 n 0000077573 00000 n Weatherproof flap to protect … … UNFOLD THE BAG. endstream endobj startxref H��W�NI}���Gxp��U՗נ�*��h��. Tukuos Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier,15 Cubic Feet Heavy Duty Rooftop Cargo Carrier with Anti-Slip Mat,Waterproof Bag,4 Lengthen Reinforced Straps,4 Door Hooks Suitable for All Vehicle with/Without Rack. 8 straps for a secure attachment. �É] ’õ6˜�"Y.ƒEVƒÙ¯Àä0Y&ÅÁäUÉ"ùµA¤ĞKÉh&À¦5IÆ]� væûÔTyD28:ƒU É¿+˜�JÁîd`bäÆ¿� 8K© 0000069810 00000 n 0000084418 00000 n A roof rack is a valuable and versatile accessory for many touring vehicles, and without one some trips would just not be possible. 0000002216 00000 n 0000070302 00000 n Protective Mat protects the roof of the car and keeps the carrier from sliding. Working seamlessly with ARB Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawers, the ARB cargo organisers keep everything in one place. Tagged punching bags. FIVKLEMNZ 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter,... [100% Refund or Replacement] - 7x24 online customer support, ask us anything at any time. Adjustments can be made for different roof bar configurations, just refer to the installation instructions that come with your carrier. 0000016233 00000 n Available in a trio of different sizes, and made from 600D heavy duty PU coated oxford material, the ARB cargo organisers sport quality zippers and handles, all the while keeping your contents secure, clean and portable. 0000078001 00000 n These instructions remain the property of Rhino-Rack Australia Pty Ltd and may not be used or changed for any other purpose than intended. Prorack Prorack Roof Rack High Lift Jack Holder $72.99 ^ 0000074516 00000 n 0000084354 00000 n 0000078793 00000 n Thule 800601 GoPack Luggage Box Carry Bags (Set of 4) Load Rating: 75 kg. 0000079649 00000 n 0000008218 00000 n 99 $64.99 $64.99. 2.May it get some wet when use in the Heavy Rain for a long time. Fill up the bag with everything you need. 0000073723 00000 n 0000081361 00000 n •Check straps, buckles, and zipper before traveling. 0000078429 00000 n You have selected three products. 0000004503 00000 n 0000080078 00000 n 0000079285 00000 n 0000071948 00000 n On vehicles with roof rack bars running across the roof, place the carrier between the cross bars and attach the straps across the length of the carrier and pull tight. SELECT CORRECT BAG POSITION ON YOUR CAR’S ROOF (FOR INSTALLATION WITHOUT ROOF RACK PROCEED TO STEP 3b). Add to cart. 0000082282 00000 n 0000077937 00000 n 0000084846 00000 n Place the carrier on a clean roof and (preferably) on a Protective Mat. 23% off. 0000071583 00000 n 0000002587 00000 n ÷H8•>ô³¹6Á�ı6›8+ïs_ËmjY;:Ô@ƒFGGP+ˆê``ñ R Ó�¦º3ø]ÒR@¬¶'•A€1™İ“I‘1”¥Œ‰•9�Å�¹•y:‹ó&æί|Ç[Î1Üf”Û%“¡}Êà”�Ã=Fnáv�Ç@Ÿ 0îfœ¡©ÀÀÄzæ1�éÆ@š(}îİ �í ¢Œµ ˆ?< Cargo Organisers. Expander adds extra space. 0000083927 00000 n Our tie-down equipment is perfect for securing your bag to your roof rack, strapping down items in the bed of a truck, or providing you with a quick recovery tow. 359 0 obj <>stream 0000070664 00000 n Make sure that the zipper is closed properly. 0000071090 00000 n • Completely unzip the zipper. Pull the straps to put tension on the load. 0000003987 00000 n 0000081425 00000 n 0000077509 00000 n • Place the Luggage Bag onto the Roof Basket with the opening to the rear of the vehicle. 0000002653 00000 n 0000083136 00000 n 0000072439 00000 n Check Part No./Kit is correct 3. FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier, 15... 5 Review(s) 1.Extra Waterproof 2.Extra Large Size 3.Safety Door Hooks 4.Military Grade 5.Protect Mat $89.99 Add to cart More. 0000075799 00000 n Categories. Duffle Bags (set of 3) fit snuggly inside the carrier, help keep items organized and makes it easier to load and unload the carrier. 0000076227 00000 n Storage Bag, large enough to store the carrier and accessories. 0000075863 00000 n 0000076291 00000 n 0000004540 00000 n •Bag must be closed and attached to crossbars or siderails. 0000069874 00000 n Bonus tip: If you don’t want to hang a bag from the roof or from the wall you might as well think about the option of buying a free standing heavy bag. Keeper’s Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag is ideal for on-the-go families, adventure-seekers, or anyone just looking for some additional space while traveling. CLEAR AWAY DIRT AND DEBRIS FROM CAR’S ROOF. 0000076654 00000 n endstream endobj 236 0 obj <> endobj 237 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 238 0 obj <> endobj 239 0 obj <> endobj 240 0 obj [/ICCBased 253 0 R] endobj 241 0 obj <> endobj 242 0 obj <> endobj 243 0 obj <> endobj 244 0 obj <>stream 0000024240 00000 n 0000080507 00000 n xref 0000013433 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n Brand: Thule. 0000078365 00000 n 0000081855 00000 n 330 0 obj <>stream 0000083564 00000 n 0000010755 00000 n The XTM Roof Cargo Bag will keep the luggage of your roof safe and secure. Check and recheck all fasteners are secure Rhino Master Fit Luggage Boxes Page 7 of 7 Padlock locks the zipper securely. Read through instruction before installing 4. C clamps may need to be used to temporarily maintain this connection until roof sheets are in place. Select another one or two products to compare. Dimensions: 135cm x 115cm x 25-35cm(L Secure the bag to the basket by threading the external straps through the basket and around the outer rim of the basket. "2:�9(�ECH�q؍2�Y�S_0p2��_�mb�ϐ����u��=��.�����T��8 J�p �C� ,� $�C���� $�~Hz�b�L�w��1�0`�W�MW�4#� ` ��c@

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