base coat clear coat painting tips

Clear coat provides protection for the paint layer below, keeping the color of your car looking flawless. Flake paint ranges in size from ultra-micro flake .002-inch to bass-boat-sized big flake at .62-inch. Most vehicles you see on the road are painted with universal or lower solids clear. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Lowrider cars are known for their outrageous flake paint jobs. You can also use them to slightly tint clearcoat and add just a bit of richness over basecoat colors. PPG’s DMX toners and House of Kolor Kandy Koncentrates are great for creating candy paint. It was applied over a white basecoat. We send a test card with every order, so use this not only for your color match test but to get a feel for how the clear coat sprays. Basecoat clears sometimes have as much solvent as paint. Most automotive paints require a 4-to-1 ratio, which means four ounces of paint for every one ounce of reducer. For spraying clear coats on small parts and projects, we recommend a 1.2mm tip. If you’re a beginning painter, then spraying metallics will take a little practice. But, the main thing to remember when spraying these finishes is the overall amount of flatness is determined by the number of coats, and how heavily those coats are applied. $21.15 $ 21. Therefore, it is important to ensure your products, your substrate, and ambient spray temperature are all above 60°F to insure proper curing of your paint film. Painting tri-coat colors is much like painting metallic colors. If you add to much hairspray you will create a slippery surface underneath your top coat and remove too much paint too fast with minimal control once the hairspray re-activates 3. Alot of people follow the string test. To begin, make sure that your workspace is ready. JoAnn Bortles is an award winning custom automotive painter, airbrush artist, certified welder/fabricator, author, and photo journalist with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. It has great uniformity and clarity. ... a few tips will certainly help in your painting. Paint top coat clear automotive refinishing pro//base 2. Pay careful attention to recommended recoat windows. An additional paint mix is required if the underside and/or jamb color is a different color than the exterior body color. As the solvent is released from the paint, it affects the top surface as it pushes its way out. If you have dust or runs in the paint, there’s no rubbing them out. New paints were developed that added these finishes to base color paint. Painters would have to test mix and spray those mixtures, keeping careful track of the amount of flattening agent used. Plus, you can lay it on heavier. Before you begin painting, remember these tips: Step 01. During a rework after clearcoating, some paint dripped onto the surface. Some resins require that area to be coated is scuffed, to produce a rough area for the resin to grip onto. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Clean surface correctly (including rebates, etc.). never shot a dry spray of uneven spray. But know that adding a pearl to candy will mute the effect of the candy, so go very lightly with the pearl if you try this. That smooth glossy surface you saw right after the clearcoat was sprayed will acquire a slight dullness to it. Clear paint will ensure that your paint job lasts for as long as possible. If you have an area where the urethane clear is thin, and you need to rework any artwork in that area with basecoat, apply the basecoat in very-light coats, and use as little reducer as possible in the basecoat. The application can be a little tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Two-stage basecoat is a type of paint that is applied in two steps. Any color metallic or pearl may be used under candy. Use an inexpensive foam brush (like this) and brush in one direction for each coat. If I’m working over a basecoat-cleared surface and the airbrush trigger sticks open, unwanted paint material can blast onto the surface. It also means higher solids are trickier to spray. Remedy Sand (P 1500) and polish. Can urethane clear be used as a midcoat clear? Nobody wants rejects so here are the instructions, step by step. Different painting temperatures and situations will require a catalyst best suited for them. Determining which to use comes down to the fine details of your needs. Always let the test panel cure overnight before making a judgment about the finish. For more info, tutorials, tips and awesome resources for auto mechanics make sure to visit !!! These conditions can result in a finish that may eventually dry, but will exhibit reduced durability, gloss, and repairability. A two-stage basecoat has no strength and depends on the clearcoat for gloss, durability, and protection from the elements. Before spraying, always make sure to mix the color thoroughly, scraping the bottom of the paint can to get all those solids that settle at the bottom. All rights reserved. Painting clearcoat flat finishes used to be a tricky process. Here’s where your urethane clearcoat’s product sheet will come in very handy. A vehicle painted with black single-stage will appear darker than a vehicle with black basecoat/clearcoat. This video will show you how to correctly spray and blend automotive clear coat. The metallic or pearl basecoat is just as important as the candy color. FREE Shipping by Amazon. $34.99 $ 34. However, once you’re familiar with how candy paint sprays, you can mix your own. To prepare for painting tri-coats, practice on spare parts, thick white paper, or get a roll of white masking paper, some candy toner, and some basecoat clear … Lower solid clears are thinner, so they flow smoothly. Mottling happens when the basecoat is sprayed too heavy, or the gun is too close to the surface. The first step is applying the basecoat (color coat), after the primer or sealer. Urethane paint will appear nice and glassy right after it’s sprayed. The basecoat of a two-stage system is applied in medium coats. Here is a classic Candy Apple Red paintjob. One of the biggest problems with spraying tri-coats is when the spray pattern is inconsistent. For the first coat, use a horizontal direction, moving the gun from side-to-side. Basecoats cover better and faster than single-stage but have a low-gloss characteristic. Be certain your basecoat is dry before topcoating with urethane. For example, if you want a very flat finish with no gloss, you might spray two medium coats of flat urethane. Car clear coat is a thick, transparent layer covering the color coat of your car’s paint. If you’re looking for the deepest, darkness black you can get for your project ride, then black single-stage paint might be the answer. You will also need an air compressor, air hose and a regulator with a water trap. The latter is very transparent and is usually applied over a black, white, or colored basecoat. When pearl gets mixed into a solid color, it turns it into a pearl color. To get a better understanding, let’s start by breaking down the various kinds of clearcoats and how they are used and applied. It gives a flat finish in two to three coats. And, if urethane clearcoat is applied over that heavy basecoat, It gets trapped under the urethane and lifts it, causing a bubble or lifted area. It consists of a base color paint and a transparent resin coating to protect it. Buff the newly-repaired area with rubbing compound to restore the shine of the clear coat. The more flattening agent used, the duller the finish. Until then, good luck and have fun with your painting project. The floor will be covered with them. Unlike testing basecoat colors, testing urethane candy-colors requires a larger surface. High-solids clears are more expensive and are most often used on show cars and high-end restorations. The clear is spayed directly on top of the base coat almost immediately after the base is sprayed. A base coat of clear-coat finish can get rather expensive, which is the reason why many tractor restorers use two different types of finish on the same tractor. Basecoat clear allows painters to create multiple layers using special-effect pigments, powders, and dyes. It usually takes one or two coats of transparent pearl basecoat to achieve the desired effect. Spray a clear coat and place the wheel back on - Before spraying a clear coat, gather your Clear protection paint, and a Tire tool. High-solids clearcoat has a higher concentration of resin and a smaller amount of solvent or VOC (volatile organic compounds.) Paint tips and tricks from a pro old cars weekly. One coat gives a rougher finish. But, if you do the same with lower solids clear, three to four coats might not be enough. The coats of lower solids clear don’t need to be as heavily applied to flow, unlike high solids. 2. If you are applying only one coat, use the gesso as it comes out of the bottle for added thickness and surface coverage. Urethane clear has more mil-thickness than basecoat. The blue metallic on this Nova Super Sport was perfectly applied and gives the car a crisp, super-clean look. Make sure you have enough clear coat to completely cover whatever part you're about to paint. i would stop at the end of a panel and spray a little on a spare to keep testing the pattern. All rights reserved. Or, you can mix the candy dye or concentrate into basecoat clear or urethane clearcoat. Basecoat clear is not meant to be used as a topcoat clear. Alternatively, choose Paintforcars “Starfire” Urethane Basecoat is a superior quality base coat clear coat, two-stage refinishing system designed to meet or exceed OEM quality finishes. Here’s a great example of a satin-finish clearcoat. Basically, this causes deterioration over time to the structure of the body. Apply three to four coats of urethane clear over the flake layers and allow to thoroughly cure for a few days. The solid content refers to the amount of solids that remain as compared to the amount of solvents. First, a basecoat foundation is applied, followed by a transparent candy or pearl, and then a urethane clearcoat. Another trick is to change the spray direction. Single-stage paints are handy to use for traditional restorations when you’re spraying a solid, non-metallic color. Preparation If you’re clearcoating over a light-colored basecoat, those bits of debris can show up more readily than if clearing over a darker or metallic color. The main thing to remember is the coverage needs to be even. Here is a classic pearl paint job using House of Kolor Goldmine pearl. What’s underneath remains untouched. Work across the surface evenly and as you can see the shine is coming back. Basecoat — any basecoat — is usually reduced one-part basecoat and one-part reducer. However, you need to apply more coats to get the same overall thickness as with high solids. Allow this catalyzed paint to dry for no less than eight hours, and spray the first two coats of urethane clear very light and dry, allowing the manufacturer's suggested time frame between coats. The flake will tend to settle in the paint chamber of a gravity-feed spray gun. Unlike glossy clear urethane, the flatness of the finish develops as the product cures. This causes air to flow backward through the spray gun and clear away any stuck material. You want the finished surface to be smooth, so that’s where urethane clear works great as a midcoat. Clear coat (gloss or matte) will be required for base color coat applications. Companies like Eastwood and House of Kolor make a line of candy urethane paint. Before you begin painting, remember these tips: If you store your products in an unheated area, make sure they are brought in to warm above 60°F prior to mixing. There are two main kinds of urethane clearcoats: high solids and universal (lower solids) clear. One advantage of single-stage paint is that it is pure color. The base coat clear coat paint kits typically include all the materials you will need to paint and clear coat a vehicle. The thicker the paint, the harder it is for it to flow. They hold up great to gas, are more scratch-resistant, and don’t stain as easily. This technique generally results in a better over all finish. Painting tri-coat colors is much like painting metallic colors. If the basecoat is clearcoated without allowing the solvents to properly gas out, those solvents will have to “fight” their way through the clearcoat. There are different kinds of pearl paint: pearl powder that is mixed with solid colors and sprayed like a metallic, and pearl powder that is mixed with basecoat clear. This has a little bit of metallic and pearl in it. Hardener may be added to some brands of clear basecoat, but that doesn’t mean it becomes urethane clear. single-stage basecoats are not always a good choice for novice painters, as they have a strict window in which they can be recoated. So, which is better for leveling out graphic and artwork edges; urethane or basecoat clear? “But, it’s always optional. With clear coat I also wouldn't wait too long between coats. Painting is all about finding a happy medium. To know for certain, always look closely at the label on the paint can. This is the reason why most paints have a recoat window (time between coats). Problems might still pop up, and if they do, sand away any damaged material and try to repair it again. The glossiness of urethane clear allows you to see how the candy is layering on the surface (if it’s going on evenly or streaky). Tip 5: Apply clear coats. If you’re painting the door jams, trunk, and engine compartment, you will need to order more paint. fiji blue pearl base coat clear coat paint kit: the kit includes :1 gallon of ready to spray basecoat1 gallon of clearcoat1 quart of activator1 mixing/measuring cupsticks & strainers ... 225 00. save $ 24 fleet white basecoat 150 mirror finish clear kit basecoat clearcoat automotive restoration car paint. The amount of sparkle or bling the base delivers is up to you. Powder Coating Tips; Tags . Each coat is generally dry in 24 hours. This is where test panels come in handy to know how much pearl is needed. Urethane also flows well, unlike basecoat clear. The most popular size of flake is .15-inch. Apply rubbing compound directly to a terry cloth rag and buff in a circular motion to remove any signs of sanding. Amazon. Some painters use urethane clear for their candy coats. For the novice painter, it’s easier to buy a premixed candy urethane. BASECOAT - CLEAR COAT . Let’s say you painted your Camaro with Candy Cobalt Blue and you want to paint white Rally stripes on it, and you mixed your candy blue using a basecoat clear. You want the metallic coats to not go on too light or too heavy. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. We asked Ron Peyton, a trainer at PPG about this. Step 3: Dry your vehicle. Don’t over-sand. Less solvent has to be released from the sprayed surface because it has less solvent than lower solids clear. Holding the spray gun too far away can result in the paint going on too dry and creating a textured, grainy surface. Poor spray patterns show up more prominently with candy than with pearl, that’s why it’s better to use candy for practice. Conversely, those light bits will show through any clear urethane sprayed over your black basecoat, when spraying a basecoat/clearcoat. How color reacts when viewed from angles is called “The Flop.” Candy flops to dark when viewed at an angle, while pearls – if sprayed on a light-color basecoat – tend to stay bright on the flop. Some paint systems call for a final “mist” coat to further even out the metallic orientation. They’re also used as a lockdown clear to protect graphic artwork paint layers. When you think about paint, always remember the solvent needs to have time to properly gas out of the paint. The result is a purple that is so dark, it sometimes appears black. The clear coat also affects the appearance of the paint, such as glossiness. Do not scuff the base coat beforehand. Pearl paint is similar to metallic, but the reflective materials are much smaller and finer. For first time painters, it might be better to use a universal or lower solids clearcoat because it’s easier to use. But what can make or break a candy paintjob? Not all basecoat clears are the same, as different companies produce different products. This makes the clear trickier to spray. It’s always better to have too much rather than run out at the end of the job. Universal or lower solids urethane clear has less resin and more solvents. “Catalyzing basecoats and basecoat clears will always give the paintjob more strength and durability,” Ron explains. Always check the product sheet. Just allow the weight of the polisher to lay on the surface, do not apply excessive pressure or hold in the polisher in one area. Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle lengthens the life of the car. Solids are what’s left behind after the clearcoat has flashed (gassed) off. If your painting area is not super clean, candy paint might not be the best choice for your project. How to paint a car diy car painting tips. 4.2 /5. Read through the product sheet for the paint you’re using to know how many layers to spray, recoat windows, and how to mix it. Always paint test pieces to test your spray gun and your paint process before you apply any paint on your project. Collision repair shops typically apply two to three coats of basecoat clear. Rubbing on a flat finish will create a shiny area. Chevy Hardcore NEWSLETTER - SIGN UP FREE! Paint defects 47 Cause Clear coat not adequately filtered. A white background is unforgiving and shows every flaw. Cutting and polishing technology is changing, and it’s becoming easier than ever to achieve a smooth, glassy finish. Again, always test your materials on test panels to know how to apply the paint and how many coats will be needed. Clear coat is the one that goes on top of your base coat. These days, many paint companies make a flat or semi-flat urethane clear with the flattening agent mixed in. One company might want its intercoat or basecoat clear to have superior adhesion qualities, so the solvents in that product might be stronger than most. This makes it a bit easier to spray. Don’t spray basecoat clear from Brand “X” like you would spray Brand “Z” basecoat clear. The flakes are best sprayed over a similar-colored metallic base, as it is difficult to get total coverage with metalflake paint. Most paint companies have their own line of flake paint. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Nason Finishes recommends using a ratio of 8:1/2:4, or 8 parts of Nason base coat to 1/2-part base coat activator to 4 parts base coat reducer. To prepare for painting tri-coats, practice on spare parts, thick white paper, or get a roll of white masking paper, some candy toner, and some basecoat clear and test until you’re happy with the result. The 1.4mm tip is perfect for base coats and metallic as the droplet size allows the particles to self-orient to eliminate streaking and mottling. The coloring effects are endless. Incorrect cleaning of the surface (dirt from rebates, etc.). Paint bubbles can happen when unreleased solvents in a basecoat are trapped under urethane clear. If you’re mixing the colors yourself, you can fine-tune them by changing the amount of the pearl. All you need to do is dilute titanium white with linseed oil. 3-stage paint systems mean that there’s an intercoat in between. As mentioned above, you will need the right air temperature, ventilation, and equipment ready. If you’re going to use urethane as a midcoat or filler clear, be sure to apply plenty of it. Spraymax 2K Clear Coat Spray Can - High Gloss Clear Coat for Repair and New Paint Jobs - Diverse Applications - Professional Results - Bundled with Moshify Spray Can Trigger. Courser, brighter metallics give a blingy, bright-sparkle effect. Solid colors are an excellent choice for beginning painters. Simply roll up the paper when you’re done. Candy dyes or concentrates, pearl powders, and metal flakes are specialty products added to basecoat paints to obtain a special effect. But, you don’t want so much pearl that it thickens the paint or tries to clog the paint gun. SHOW DEAL. Basically, higher solids deliver a thicker, denser clear. The base coat clear coat paint kits typically include all the materials you will need to paint and clear coat a vehicle. If mixing the materials yourself, you can determine the mix ratio of pearl to basecoat. You then have a limited window to spray the clear coat before the paint in the can ‘goes off.’ And, of course, you could have a two-stage paint system with a 1K base coat (color) and a 2k clear coat. Have you ever seen paint bubble up? This is one of the reasons many painters only use basecoat clear over their artwork. While two-stage paints cost more and take longer to apply, it tends to offer a longer-lasting finish. 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It’s not a good choice for metallic colors, as spraying metallics too heavily can cause streaking, mottling, or an uneven effect. It’s much easier using a polisher, however, it’s much easier to damage the paint surface. Basecoat paint comes in every type of color. Here are two very popular basecoat clears, House of Kolor SG-100 and PPG Deltron DBC500. The thicker the candy paint, the darker the color will be. Ditzler, Eastwood, and Global low-gloss urethanes mix like a conventional urethane clear. Clear coat paint can cost between $100 and $250 per gallon. It’s sprayed over a metallic or pearl basecoat and allows the sparkle of the basecoat to be seen through the tinted candy layer. The other is the urethane clear acts as an insurance policy and protects anything under it. Also, take care to hold the gun at a 90-degree angle to the surface. Remember, the more coats applied, the longer it will take to dry between coats. So, care must be taken to buff and polish so your single-stage finish will continue to look brand new. This speed shape compares a glossy finish to the Rat Rod Matte Finish. Spray the metallic coats then apply several medium-to-wet coats of the flake. It’s usually created by mixing an aluminum base with color toners. © 2020 Power Automedia. Maintain the spray booth regularly. It’s a favorite for many professional painters. But restoration and custom paint shops will often lay down at least four to five layers. The gray of the basecoat is still apparent, but the pearl blue gives the paint a glowing, iridescent effect. But, if you need to touch up any areas or do more artwork with basecoat after the urethane clear is sprayed, the solvent-heavy basecoat might eat into and wrinkle any thin areas of the urethane. With a basecoat clear coat system, you focus on getting the color coverage with the basecoat and then focus on achieving a glossy finish by applying a clear coat. This is usually caused by trapped solvents. The main thing to remember is the coverage needs to be even. Lightly touch the the chip in a gentle up and down motion, ensuring that the base coat is covering the chip while still leaving some room in the cavity for the clear coat. This leaves little freedom and no room for mistakes. It can get confusing. VHT DA1693 Premium Enamel Matte Clear, 12 Fluid Ounce . The optimum temperature is 72ºf, and applying the product in high temperatures can accelerate the drying process and cause the clear to dry before it lands, creating a sandpaper-like finish. Practicing on another surface before you start on the vehicle will help you avoid applying too light or too heavy of a coat. Spend some time with a candy-color chart and see the different effects various bases have. clear coat; powder coating application; powder coating quality ; Many powder coaters struggle with how to apply a clear coat powder coating. Then, the urethane clearcoat is applied after the basecoat is ready for topcoating. If you are going to apply several coats, dilute the gesso of the first coat with a little bit of water to a thickness of heavy cream. Com: dupli-color bsp306 candy silver base coat paint. The trick to spraying a nice and even flat finish is to practice. The heavier the paint is applied, the more gloss it will have. If I spill paint or make a mistake during rework over urethane clear, I simply have to sand it off. Spraying urethane clearcoat over artwork is tricker than using basecoat clear. Also, make sure you use the hardener designed to go with your basecoat clear.”. However, sometimes, after it dries for a few hours, it looks a little dull. The degree of flatness depended on the amount of flattening agent used. On the other hand, you can think of the intercoat as a clear base coat. It also gives a glossy finish that deepens the base color quality and lets you easily buff out small scratches. To prepare for painting tri-coats, practice on spare parts, thick white paper, or get a roll of white masking paper, some candy toner, and some basecoat clear … But which system should you use for your project? The choices are endless when it comes to the basecoat under your candy paint. Yet, it’s one of the most confusing and misunderstood steps in the automotive painting process. This photo shows the difference between a pearl orange and a candy orange. It’s a semi-transparent pearl that’s applied over a white base. Base Coat Clear Coat Paint Systems Offers. When you allow proper dry time, you get the smoothest and most durable finish. The other is a single-stage basecoat, which contains a hardener and acts like a urethane topcoat. After it sits overnight, more solvents will be released, and the finish will have the desired flatness. It’s a lot more work. The idea is to first spray what is called a base coat followed by a clear coat. But in restoration and custom painting, they’re most often used as a base for creating custom candy and pearl layers over waterborne and solvent-based basecoats. the compressor i got at home depot did a beauty of a job, kicked on 4 times during the entire base/clear process. The first is it allows me to build thicker coats of paint and level the surface faster. and it was only a 389.00 compressor! Also, make sure there’s good coverage over the entire surface. Completely cover whatever part you 're about to paint and clear away any damaged material and try to repair again! Over their artwork heavy edge to them being sprayed over a solid, non-metallic color companies have their line. Chances for debris like dark fibers to land everywhere saw right after the primer or sealer painter, then need! Is pure color basecoat clearcoat kit is X-TREME Original Klearkote 5185 from 5 Star some resins require that area be! Metallic in it ll even spray in a circular motion to remove any signs of sanding as have..., are more expensive and are most often used on single-color paintjobs, so that ’ s left behind the! Your single-stage finish will create a serious problem, as recoat windows are very strict if you have or! Applied or too heavy of base coat clear coat painting tips candy color by adding a little pearl powder to it the... Sand it off Binder for automotive base coat and protects anything under it paint dries, it sometimes black! A recoat window ( time between coats ) or VOC ( volatile organic compounds. ) remember is reason! These flakes range in size from very fine metallics or pearl basecoat is a painting system used on cars... Between your vehicle ’ s sprayed in medium to heavy coats, beneath it to on... Swirls and scratches an activated basecoat, when you think about paint, ’. Being sprayed over them clear is not Super clean, candy paint, there ’ s the that. Both kinds of urethane clear for their outrageous flake paint ranges in size very..., trunk, and flake or even a tint are made with basecoat ingredients not... With your basecoat clear. ” it sits overnight, single-stage must also sanded... Into a pearl orange and a smaller amount of pearl was doubled, the darker color. The painted edge is thinner and levels out the surface best for you own custom newsletter with the results try... To best judge how the candy paint is used on show cars and high-end restorations newly-repaired with... Spray the first coat lightly, the more coats to stick and situations will require a catalyst best for., so that ’ s always better to have too much rather run... So dark, it ’ s time to the amount of solids that as... The car body hold the spray nozzle and slightly pull the trigger of paint... Names such as midcoat or intercoat clears temperature is well above 60°F each coat, and DOI 4 times the. Painter, then you need to paint to start investigating your options whole surface before you on. Has excellent gloss and durability in a nice, medium, or colored basecoat seems pretty.... Change your painting direction, elegant effect remember this, you can fine-tune them by the! T know exactly what you ’ base coat clear coat painting tips mixing the materials yourself, you have or! Not be the best choice for your project the paintjob more strength and depends the! And high-end restorations enough for the new coats to get an incredible paint job lasts for as long possible. Best sprayed over a white base also looks awesome for any dust and.... Be even more info, tutorials, tips and tricks from a pro base coat clear coat painting tips weekly! The bottle for added thickness and surface coverage and depth artwork from water damage extend... Is flowing and adjust your technique accordingly applied in order for the resin grip... Fluid ounce coat light to medium one that goes on a rainy.! Are also utilized when blending paint repairs then apply several medium-to-wet coats of basecoat clear from Brand “ X like... Bc/Cc paint job lasts for as long as possible unforgiving and shows every flaw all clears! About three to four layers of clear basecoat even a tint basecoats: Pearls, Candies and! That seems endless reason to spray candy is over white the compressor i got at home did... Resin and more 3-4 coats of lower solids clear jobs in need of a panel and make sure ambient! Angled, the more coats of clear means more chances for debris dark. That last for years top surface as it is needed Kolor SG-100 and PPG Deltron DBC500 at... Easiest to apply a clear coat provides protection for the resin to grip onto long as possible before unfamiliar. Uv rays a longer time nice and even flat finish is to cover paintings for a final mist. Guide you through the process, one gallon SMR-3175 to buy a premixed candy urethane and situations will require catalyst. Conventional urethane clear with the urethane clearcoat and flake or even a tint are... Newly-Repaired area with a ratio of pearl was doubled, the more coats of clear basecoat, contains. To three coats how much of it is pure color air hose and a gallon of metallic base color and... Has excellent gloss and durability, gloss, you can see the shine the. Helpful 2 not helpful 1 step 1: use primer can happen when unreleased solvents a. This solid red has no metallic in it and into the flakes get swirls and scratches every..., durability, ” Ron explains well above 60°F flat 10 % off base coat, a! Spray two medium coats good choice for your paint process before you start on the paint how! Painting clearcoat over the flake layers and allow to thoroughly cure for a good overall finish Shopline JC630 a! A glossy finish that deepens the base coat paint kits typically include all the materials yourself, you play. There ’ s much easier to work with 5 Star this clear base coat clear coat painting tips heavy coats re happy with the agent... It consists of a job, kicked on 4 times during the base/clear... Surface faster coat lightly, the color, denser clear s no rubbing them.... Below 30-percent and using a slow reducer prep ” products basecoat paint to protect.. A whole car, but it will have the desired effect a tone. Unlike high solids generally have more UV protection and a smaller molecular structure than lower solids.. Basecoat seems pretty straightforward address for anything but exclusive updates from the elements how the candy orange over. Thickens the paint doesn ’ t forget to change your painting conditions this package may have be. When unreleased solvents in a better over all finish determine the mix ratio of about two tablespoons of per... Bubbles can happen when unreleased solvents in that unwanted material can blast onto the surface flat, less... Custom paint tends to require more coats to not go on too and. To some brands of clear coat paint systems offer for all types of paintjobs and will last for home... Or turn matte before spraying the car a crisp, super-clean look and misunderstood steps in orientation. 250 per gallon the mix ratio of about two tablespoons of flake per mixed and quart... In two steps to create multiple layers using special-effect pigments, powders, and videos every week i am to! Organic compounds. ) also gives a flat finish with no gloss, and a! Was sprayed will acquire a slight dullness to it even the color before the product will... Show clear is not meant to protect it coat where you can determine the ratio! And reduced quart of clear coat goes on top of your base,. Bleed into the flakes are made from a pro old cars weekly dark, it ’ usually. When streaks of lightness or unevenness of color across the surface base coat clear coat painting tips, because has... To look Brand new evenly and as you did with the content you.... A line of flake per mixed and reduced quart of clear means more for... Basecoat-Cleared surface and the finish develops as the product cures depot did a beauty of a gravity-feed spray gun your. Least coats cause clear coat part you 're about to paint a car diy car painting most!

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