Hip Hop Gives Back & Black Celebrity Giving Presents: The Art Of Giving

DSC_0198Over the A3C/BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend, Black Celebrity Giving, Hip Hop
Gives Back , Respect Magazine, The Resource Guild and Art on the Wall hosted
the Official Art of Giving Art Exhibit Launch and Panel Discussion at
Studio No.7.  “The Art of Giving – How Hip Hop Changed the World” series
presented the perfect opportunity to artistically pay homage to Hip Hop
Change Makers whose philanthropic accomplishments have positively shaped
the world we live in today. A one-of-a-kind exhibit blending the love for
art and the importance of social change, while shining a positive light on
the hip hop community. The exhibit’s goal is to inspire, motivate, educate,
entertain, and bring awareness to people of various backgrounds about Hip
Hop’s positive impact globally, as well as shed light on various cultural
issues. The panel discussion moderated by *Jasmine Crowe* (Black Celebrity
Giving) and included panelist: Shanti Das (Press Reset Ent/The Hip Hop
Professional), *Dubelyoo* (Visual Artist/Co-Creator of Art, Beats +
Lyrics), *Ant Marshall *(Curator/Co-Creator of The Lyricist Lounge Show on
MTV), *Richard Dunn* (The Muddy Water Group), *Konata “DJ Knotts” Nicholson*
(Co-Founder Hip Hop Gives Back), *Adell Henderson* (Chief Editor – Respect
Magazine) included a discussion spanning from how hip hop can give back
more through the art form, to how art is influenced by music. Guest were
immersed in a hip hop wonderland with eclectic vibes, musical performances
by: *Sir Foster *(Atlanta Hawks Organist), *Gilles* (Rapper/Lawyer), *Phene
*(Rapper) and *Broadway Miller* (Rapper), complimentary cocktails courtesy
of Bombay Sapphire, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a cupcake medley courtesy
of Cakes by Tatyana.** Courtesy of The Resource Guild**

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