Hip Hop Gives Back presents Minorities In The Media – “Class In Session” at Charles Drew Charter School



Last week we conducted our first ‪#‎MinoritiesInTheMedia‬ “Class Is In” session. We created this session to have more interaction between the panelists and the students and it was a big hit with the faculty and students who attended at ‪#‎CharlesDrewCharter‬ School in Decatur. Many thanks again to our panelists @djkashatl @mehkavelli and @kingsoulkkz who provided their opinions and expertise on a range of topics including media’s portrayal of minorities, music, culture, career choice and more! The best part had to be the you g mens questions about black youths treatment by police, their influence and how they can contribute to their generation. The questions were truly on a high level and brought the conversation to be impactful and definitely memorable. Truly see this is a dynamic way to reach and answer their questions and provide feedback of the students concerns and ideas. Same topics, better convo!  Special thanks to Mr. Kevin Parker for the invite and great shots. If you’d like @HipHopGivesBack to bring this program or the traditional #MinoritiesInTheMedia program tailored for larger crowd, contact me directly or email MITM@hiphopgivesback.org. ‪#‎HipHopGivesBack‬ #MinoritiesInTheMedia ‪#‎GivingBackBuildingUp‬ ‪#‎Mentor‬‪#‎MoreToCome‬


Panelists - Group - MITM Class In Session Portrait MITM Cliass In Session March 15 KonsoleKingz Class In Session MITM - March 15 Group class in session MITM March 15 MITM Class In Session - March 15 Mehka MITM Class In Session march 15 Knotts - Class In Session March 15 MITM


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